Saturday, April 29, 2006

bw hot chick party!

ok here' s my long overdue update.

on thursday we had the Bayley-Waddle Hot Chick Party. damn fun. free flow of ice cream and i gorged and gorged. shit now i feel damn fat.

it was quite packed from 7pm to 8pm. they were screening The Hot Chick but nobody was watching lol. all queueing up for the ice cream. me zhao ying and steward ate like crazy. fun.

here are some pics.

as u can CLEARLY see, there is a huge difference in left and right. who cares abt the movie when there's free ice cream! lol.

oooo sherwin has ice cream to cool himself down.

self service! lol.

then yesteday i was at the library and i saw this. jokes.


then on the way back home on the mrt i saw this. JOKES ALSO.

if u read carefully some Act Smart Buay Smart Ah Beng/Ah Lian tried to make a joke out of the sign. obviously too dumb to proof-read when he/she just added in.

it reads "Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you don't"

i am appalled by the grammer (or lack of). this whole sentence doesnt make sense. DUDE. its either "Please don't offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do" or Please offer this seat to someone who doesn't need it more than u do.

wtf is please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you don't? DON'T MAKE SENSE.

chelsea vs man utd TONIGHT at Stamford Bridge. chelsea needs just a draw and they can pop the champagne. but i reckon they'll take it one step further and WIN it. i'll be going to moca's hse to sleepover and watch it with wei ren, linus, jenson, xin rui and jishun. wooooooooooooot. this is gonna be fun.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006


i dunno whats up with me today.

i am being very angry. and it's like i cant control myself when i get angry.

after sch i went to wei ren's house to own him in winning eleven. so it's definitely not the winning eleven.

as i was on my way home on the train i felt very angry. dunno why. i changed train at Jurong East Interchange and it was almost 6 so the train was moderately crowded.

3 sec sch kids were beside me and they were being very noisy. 2 of them were taunting the other 1. they were calling him names and he was calling them names back.

it was very lame. and they were making alot of movements. the 1 guy getting suanned was trying to hit the other 2 guys and the other 2 guys were dodging. thus they were moving around alot and i really didnt like it. i was ready to whack one of them up if they moved and hit me.

a shorter than average woman came into the train and stood in between me and the 3 lameass boys. she could barely reach the handle bars above her but she managed to. she obviously looked very uncomfortable and was looking to grab on to the long metal pole but there was a woman who was leaning on the long metal pole reading a magazine, being very inconsiderate.

did i mention i can't stand people who lean on metal poles on the MRT? it's meant for pple to grasp. not for you to lean ur whole fat ass body on it and deprive others of a more convenient means of support. one pole is able to accomodate at least 3 hands but just because u're some lazy hunchback without a backbone u have to block it. leaning on it reading a magazine somemore. wtf.

i felt like whacking the woman up. very very angry. the train started to move and the shorter than average woman dropped some folders she was carrying. since she was barely able to reach the handle bar she obviously couldn't adequately support herself when the train moved.

i put a hand behind her back to steady her, then quickly bent down to help her pick up her stuff and she thanked me graciously. i felt even angrier and i stared at the woman leaning on the metal pole, thinking of shoving her away. wtf i think i am crazy.

i paid careful attention to the short woman for the remaining 2 stops till choa chu kang, cause the 3 boys looked like they were having a real load of fun and 2 of them were occupying more and more space and inching closer and closer to the woman.

bloody hell, i would really grab one of them if they even touched the woman, i was thinking. i was still thinking of whacking someone up.

nothing of incident cropped up though, and i exited the train at choa chu kang, but not before staring at the 3 boys.

then just now i snapped again. i was flipping the newspapers to find the 2 SDP politicians' official apology letter in the Straits Times (it's in the Home section, for those who are interested). then my sis wanted to take a look so i left the paper to her and turned to the comp, which i had just switched on.

i barely opened my hotmail inbox when my dad shouted from behind me 'read newspapers already leave them lying like that on the table? u wanna make me slap you?!'

i was like wtf. i turned around and stared at him. then i shouted back that it was my sis who was the last person reading it and she shld have kept it properly. then i got angrier. i shouted and asked him if he didn't see my sis reading it just now.

he didnt reply and i got even angrier. i dunno why but i just snapped. it's the indescribable feeling when u cross the border between pissed off and seriously uncontrollably angry. and i seem to be experiencing that more often.

i slammed my fist on the glass computer table damn loudly and walked towards him and the table where the newspaper was lying open. i crushed the newspaper with one hand while still shouting at him, asking him whether he saw me as the last one reading the papers.

i created such a ruckus my mum came out of the room. my dad asked me to just 'f*** off'. i responded by slapping myself on the face damn hard and asking him whether it was what he wanted to do.

i continued slapping myself and challenging him if it was what he wanted. then he mouthed some f word again and i stood right in front of his face and told him that 'i dun like people scolding vulgarities'.

then it became a loud arguing contest. blah. i'm not talking to my dad anytime soon.

i dunno why i am so angry. probably too little sleep these few days.

Monday, April 24, 2006

elections 2006

hello. due to my lack of westlife songs last week this week will be westlife's latest album week again. 2 days 1 new song. so check back! here's westlife and diana ross - when you tell me that you love me. my sis says diana ross sounds like a duck.

okay nvm. back to my main topic.

JOKES. i read the sunday times yesterday and i really felt i had to blog abt this.

page 8, sunday times. WP line-up mixes youth and experience.

Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, 66.

Occupation: Technical officer at Hougang Town Council

Education: Studied till Primary 6 in Pulau Brani Malay School (pulau what?)

If I had a million dollars, I would...: Give it to a charity

If I weren't a politician, I would be...: A small-time businessman, selling curry puffs.

and one wonders why the opposition arent popular? who needs them when u new PAP candidates who include an NTUC Chief, a former HDB Chief Executive, a First Class Honours in Law from King's College London, and a Master's of Law from Oxford University?

i mean seriously. primary 6? let's start preparing and fight for single seat next elections.

Friday, April 21, 2006

failure 2.4

shit lah feeling quite pissed with myself.

had 2.4 today, was damn hyped up since yesterday. last night reading econs test halfway then suddenly thought of 2.4 and my aims to get sub 9 mins. in the end felt so hyped up that i couldn't study anymore lol.

so the big day today! morning went to specially buy a banana from the fruit stall. damn funny i picked the super long Del Monte banana and devoured the longest banana i have ever seen in 3 gulps.

then after assembly it was the run. i saw yao zhen and i was like 'eh yao zhen u aiming for sub 9?' and he was like 'yeah ok lets run together'. then i was like ok i'll pace you.

then i reported to my teacher and we got our number tags for the run. then LOL i coincidentally got my favourite number -- 69! hahahahahaha damn hilarious.

then the run started! he chiong-ed off as usual. i kept pace with him.. well sorta. he was still like a few metres in front of me and i was like 'ok just keep pace with him'.

then as we approached the finishing line for the first round the guy read out the timing. "1.10". then i was like WTF im sure 1.10 so fast. then kuan fu at the side was like 'lol keefe sure die already'.

that was damn encouraging. wtf.

i was planning a 1.20 first round. last year run with kuan fu we did 1.15 first round still not so bad. then this year run with yao zhen 1.10?! wtf. that's like a 400m heat qualifying time lah. lol.

anyways after 2nd round i STILL kept up the pace, coming in with 2.25, well ahead of my 2.40 target. damn cb crazy lah. 3rd round lagged behind a little. then end of 3rd round i felt like SHITTING. WTF.

it's a damn sick feeling. it's like ur whole lower body got some queasy feeling. wtf. damn sick. like want to pee and want to shit. ok it sounds disgusting but the feeling is sorta like that.

it was distracting of course, i mean half the time u are thinking of finding a toilet instead of continuing the run. shit lah.

no pun intended.

then in the end finished with 9.26. wtf lor. seriously. damn disappointed. last year i run 9.18 this year i deprove. wtf.

wtf. wtf wtf. no sub 9. damn pissed off.

then hongshen, whom i had been consulting for running tips earlier in the morning, smsed me and ask me for my timing. i told him and related my shitty experience (again, no pun intended).

he replied with, "Wtf...feel like not used to eating banana la. it's a laxative"

DOH YES IT IS I FORGOT. LOL. no wonder. smart keefe:)

effectively, alright? part two.

here is my long overdue post.

due to the easier-than-expected econs test today, i have not been online the past few days cause i have been studying like any other hardworking student.

in the meantime, i've also been late in my song update. supposed to put westlife's Face to Face album songs this week. ok so i'll kick it off with what everyone's familiar with. you raise me up!

so anyways, here are my stats from our dear maths lecturer's 2nd lecture.

she started off the lecture talking abt the graphic calculator designing competition, from 10.12am - 10.16am, using up 28 alrights. that's abt 6 per minute. not bad.

then from 10.16am to 10.20am she talked abt resetting of the GC and backing up of data and in the processed used up a beautiful number of 50 alrights. that's 10 per minute, 1 every 6 seconds.

total? she eclipsed her previous record of 261 with a new record of 311. since she lectured from 10.20 to 10.55, she used effectively 35 minutes, alright? so that's effectively 2100 seconds. alright. since she used 311 in 2100 seconds, and that effectively means 1 alright every 6.7 seconds.

alright, what an effectively effective alright lecturer we have here :)

p.s. im not bothering counting anymore. waste pencil lead drawing so many strokes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

keefe cleans the board sheng lin does pull ups PCB style

the video has been deleted due to security reasons (mine) :)

check out sheng lin's seriously sick pull ups for napfa. last year set record in RI 23 pull ups in 30 secs, this year he beat it by doing 25 in 30 seconds. beyond godlike.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

top 5 ways to lose a hostel mate

Top 5 Ways to Lose a Hostel Mate

5) Blast the Spongebob Squarepants theme song from ur laptop 24/7. If your hostel mate looks at you with joy and starts singing along, ggxx.

4) Wait for your hostel mate to fall asleep. Then climb over him/her. When he/she wakes up feign ignorance. Do this for a couple of weeks. If your hostel mate doesn't move out u better do.

3) Move everything to one side of the room. Ask your hostel mate if he/she knows how much an elephant weighs, and look at the floor on the empty side of the room with concern.

2) Buy some knives. Sharpen them every night. While you're doing so, look at your hostel mate and mutter, "soon, soon..."

1) Collect potatoes. Paint faces on them and give them names. Name one after your hostel mate. Separate your hostel mate's potato from the others. Wait a few days, and then bake your hostel mate's potato and eat it. Explain to your hostel mate, "He just didn't belong."

Friday, April 14, 2006

muslim christian extremists?

ok it's really rare of me but gets serious.

for those who read the now defunct, i commented once that i would blog abt my views on christians. and i never did. but i saw sth today which jolted my memory so i decided i shall do so now.

firstly, i have nothing against christianity or christians in general. i am not an atheist but simply a freethinker. i do, however, have something against what i term 'extreme' christians. i know my entry will draw some flak/criticism from some of u, perhaps some may flame my tagboard but well, i'm open to comments and views on this entry, but pls try to be polite.

i have no problem with religion. my parents are taoists. in fact i think that having a religion is a good thing. all religions, be it islam, christianity, taoism, buddhism, etc, preach peace and harmony. having a 'god' may work wonders for ur self confidence, as in times of stress and trouble u can count on 'Him' to guide u through. i definitely recognise that and i respect that.

extreme christians are what piss me off. they approach u and pester u to join their church. some christians told me to convert to a christian to 'salvage my soul' and something in the line of cleansing 'my sins' or i will 'go to hell'.

now what kinda f*ck is that? now that is pissing off. so what they imply is if i dun become a christian i go to hell. wow that's a comforting thought. thus all non christians are doomed? so are christians of a 'higher level' than us? i certainly hope not.

i see people on their blogs or friendster profile claiming 'they love god'. they want nothing else but god. god this, god that, their whole life is about god. then i saw a girl in the mrt today. she was wearing a while shirt that proclaimed in big bold letters 'i (heart) god'.

think. do u see muslims, buddhists, taoists, hindus, or any other religion for that matter, having people on streets trying to persuade u to convert to their religion? NO. do u see any people wearing shirts proclaiming 'i love allah', 'i love Buddha', 'i love (insert god's name)' ? once again, NO.

so it makes me wonder. why christians? what is their problem? what is it with these people that they like to proclaim their 'love' for god so publicly? people of other religions, i dare say, are equally if not more devout. but they do not publicise their love for their god. again, so why christians then?

do these christians consider themselves to be above all other religions?

again i stress this entry is solely targetted at the small minority of extreme christians. very pissing off.

on a lighter note, i will have the top 5 ways to make ur hostel mate move out of ur hostel tmr. be sure to check back i'm sure it's gonna be hilarious.

and enjoy this song from craig david, it's called my love don't stop and it's the last song from his latest album im going to play for this week. and i think it's one of the bests in the album. enjoy!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

effectively, alright?

hello. i'm here to talk abt our wonderful maths lecturer.

she was our first ever maths lecturer. she taught us functions. now she's back for differentiation II. jokes.

i was bored today. and i couldn't stand it any longer. so i decided to count her 'alright's and 'effectively's. since the first lecture on functions, i realised her public speaking hasn't improved at all. it's still alright here, effectively there. LOL. lucky i didn't count the 'ok's.

so here it is. my little slip of paper.

and as u can see. over about 50 minutes, 42 'effectively's and a whopping 261 'alright's. and the small words at the side say 'Best lap: 6 alrights in 10 sec at 10.32am'. yes i have a very statistical mind. it went like 'lets look at example 1 alright, for this example alright, it is concave downwards alright, so alright...'

how's that for public speaking?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

craig david!

yayy here's the 5th craig david song i'm playing from his latest album The Story Goes.

very nice, on saturday i'm saving the best for last so pls check back.

anyways talking abt today. bloody hell got back bio test.

bio test is upon 50. i got 45.

got you there. 45-30 lah. cb. im sure 15/50.

sec 1-4 never failed any bio test before. sec 3 and sec 4 consistently >75% for bio. sec 4 end of year bio mark was 92.1. now get 15/50 for bio test. well done.. well done.

shit. this is awful.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


damn it. i realised im damn disorganised.. i remembered i wanted to publicise craig david's awesome new album, then i suddenly jumped to lee ryan's new album, then westlife's, then now random songs.

lol. i must focus! ok so i'll do things one at a time. this week is craig david! here's another song from his latest album The Story Goes. let's see.. played Don't Love You No More, Unbeliveable, Johnny..... here's Do You Believe In Love. enjoy.

btw i realised this week damn slack. monday no sch, then later friday no sch also. coool. had bio soc today. bio soc exco interviews. LOL. damn fun.

they asked me alot of interesting questions..answer answer answer. then suddenly came "what are your flaws?" i got stunned leh. i went erm erm erm and still couldn't think of what to say! then in the end i crapped and said 'erm maybe sometimes i'm abit too sentimental.. like if my friends are late i will give them a second chance'.

the guy stared at me with HUGE eyes.

i dunno what i was saying also. LOL.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


lol today DAMN FUN.

went kbox in the morning with yi xuan, kelly, ning rui and 4 other pple not from our class, 3 guys and 1 girl. lol. damn fun sang sang sang. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. from 11am - 2pm. woww.

we were supposed to stop at 2pm but of course we didnt. haha. common practice everywhere to sing till u get chased out. finally stopped at around 2.30+.

after that went arcade. cause yi xuan wanted to 'thrash me in daytona'. lol. she claimed happily that she beat james. james u noob. i finished first. lmao.

then we played pool cause the arcade had pool. $8.40 per hour. saw changxun with a girl there. o.O never seen before one. wonder if she's from rj.

after pool we played daytona again and i led for 7 laps of the race but last lap crash. jokes. finished 3rd. anyhow.

then yi xuan challenged me to HYPER BISHI BASHI! lol. she claimed to be able to own me. in the end first 7 rounds i won. jokes. then after that suddenly she keep owning me until my 3 lives gone. dammit.

after that went home. the crazy yi xuan and her 2 galfrens and the 2 guys not from our class went burger king to play bridge.

jokes. but fun day! and it's man utd vs arsenal next. its very obvious who will win. MAN UTD. mark my words man utd will own arsenal.

talking abt SOCCER, just now wei ren smsed me with 'hey check out channel 23 now'.

i went channel 23 and saw chelsea vs westham. chelsea 0-1 westham. so i was like 'LOL wtf. nvm they will score 4 more'.

i should have bet you know. the match ended chelsea 4-1 westham.


anyways hope u'all enjoy the song it's a number 1 hit by mary j. blige and it's called be without you. LOVELY.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

ora walkajogathon

lol. today was a damn fun day.

had ora walkajogathon in the morning. damn funny. asked farhan and yejie to chiong with me but they didnt want wtf. i heard from ivan that last year mok ying ren and lim zhi cong chionged and top few who finished got a lucky draw ticket each. LOL.

finally i found edward and his friend, and they were eager to chiong as well. so we did! when the walkajog started the rg and ri pple were in front of us and wtf they were all strolling as one big group. we overtook all of them and found 2 middle aged ladies leading the pack. we stuck behind them. one look back and only 3 people were running behind us. the rest of them were 'walk'-ing instead of 'ajogging'.

finally we finished the long run. ended up overtaking the 2 ladies. we didnt even know where the finish line was (there wasn't any). so we ran to the raffles trail finishing line beside the parade square. LOL.

then ended up going back to track, where a guy told us ending point was back at block A. we were like wtf screw it and went exploring the stalls. haha. (turned out there wasnt any finishing line, runners after the walkajog were free to roam already. wtf.)

we were top 3 finishers of walkajog, but didnt even get anything. newater bottles aren't counted!

after that i walked around the stalls, found kumarga, seliyan and their hilarious game stall. people were supposed to throw a ball to hit the cans. 3 tries. $1 per try. prize? a packet of super ring. 2 if u managed to hit all. lol.

met a girl called maznah. think she's quite pretty. hahahaha. and she's very friendly. kept asking me to buy mango pudding. haha. ok lor in the end i bought. lol. it's quite nice actually! but they ran out of spoons so i had to kope a bubble tea straw from a neighbouring bubble tea stall LOL.

after that me yr and kh went to queue up for the haunted house thing. crazy. queued for 2 hours and still got a long way to go. yr and kh decided to screw it. farhan also. so we left the queue. lol. they went to yr's house while i stayed behind.

after changing at the toilet i decided to go back up to the haunted house queue to try my luck. sure enough i spotted xiaole and her friends at the head of the queue! i asked them if i could join and they only got 6 pple so i can! lol!

the haunted house was damn funny actually. haha. they were all looking for their friend and shouting her name. wan qing i think. lmao. basically the ghosts just dressed up and rushed at u screaming. ouch my ears it's almost as bad as hearing ee chong sing. JOKING.

at the last room before the exit, there were alot of ghosts haha. they were all sitting down and xiaole and gang rushed to identify which one was 'wan qing'. LOL. in the end they spotted her and instead of them scaring us they all rushed at her. LOL.

i saw sarah too in the familiar blue cheongsam. HAHA. i went sarah... sarah.... and i must say she can act. really looked like a crazy woman. then all the 'ghosts' stood up in unison and started screaming as us. AGAIN.

lol. ghosts were never that funny. hahahahahaha.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


shit lah i realised i've not been updating frequently. and my viewership has dropped too. lol.

anyways due to popular demand after all the Campus Superstar hype here's Cao Ge's Superwoman. when i first put it on here i TOLD u it was a damn pro song. so zhiyang sang it and i guess it was very good considering the difficulty of the song. sit back and admire this young upstart malaysian singer's pro voice.

tmr we'll be having a sec 4I dinner gathering! ooooooooh. and mrs albar aka mambamama will be there. undoubtedly the best english teacher in RI, the friendliest and the closest (well at least to me) teacher u can possibly find. love her to bits and i can't wait to see her again.

i heard it'll be a pizza dinner. at the astro turf so we can all gaze at the stars. one problem lah. no girls all guys. gaze at what stars?! gay. gaying under the stars maybe.

then saturday will be ORA WALK A JOGATHON. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i'll be jogging once again. bloody hell last year the thing cancelled cause was raining. this year better not again man.

will be bringing my digicam along to take pics so be sure to check back for pics! whoooohooooooooo.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

pre season dinner

woooot yesterday night after training the whole rjc softball team went to tiong bahru plaza for a pre season dinner.

daniel and I had a spooky time at the staircases. lol. but before that check out the latest hottest song around. it's by a guy called Ne-Yo; i dunno why ANYONE would have a name that sounds like a childhood toy, but who cares. it's called So Sick and it's such a damn nice song (number 1 almost everywhere) u WON'T get sick of it. enjoy.

so back to the story. daozhe told us that restaurant was at 6th floor, so a group of us took the lift to the 6th floor. but we only found a chinese restaurant there.

then we were told the restaurant was at the 4th floor. so while others were waiting for the lift daniel and i decided to take the stairs -- after all it was only 2 floors and the lift was taking so goddamn long.

so. we went by the stairs. the staircase was not very well lit. as we were walking i mentioned 'eh what if the staircase door opens one way only then we're stuck here'.

we reached the 5th floor. 1 more floor to go. down 2 spirals of steps and still no 4th floor. we looked down and saw like seemingly never ending steps. given the mood that we were already in, we were like 'wtf' and quickly ran back up to the 5th floor.

lol. then i noticed an 'exit' sign at the other end so i was like 'hey there's another staircase there lets try that.'

we went in and saw the cargo lift. it was at 1st floor so we decided to take the other door to the staircase.

we walked in and down 1 spiral of steps; sure enough i saw a door and went towards it. daniel was gesturing at the stairs and saying 'eh where u going'.

i was like '4th floor what. isnt it here'. so he joined me.

it was then that i opened the door.

barely a second later the two of us were dashing back up the stairs like we were running for our lives.

what we saw SERIOUSLY freaked us out.

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