Friday, April 14, 2006

muslim christian extremists?

ok it's really rare of me but gets serious.

for those who read the now defunct, i commented once that i would blog abt my views on christians. and i never did. but i saw sth today which jolted my memory so i decided i shall do so now.

firstly, i have nothing against christianity or christians in general. i am not an atheist but simply a freethinker. i do, however, have something against what i term 'extreme' christians. i know my entry will draw some flak/criticism from some of u, perhaps some may flame my tagboard but well, i'm open to comments and views on this entry, but pls try to be polite.

i have no problem with religion. my parents are taoists. in fact i think that having a religion is a good thing. all religions, be it islam, christianity, taoism, buddhism, etc, preach peace and harmony. having a 'god' may work wonders for ur self confidence, as in times of stress and trouble u can count on 'Him' to guide u through. i definitely recognise that and i respect that.

extreme christians are what piss me off. they approach u and pester u to join their church. some christians told me to convert to a christian to 'salvage my soul' and something in the line of cleansing 'my sins' or i will 'go to hell'.

now what kinda f*ck is that? now that is pissing off. so what they imply is if i dun become a christian i go to hell. wow that's a comforting thought. thus all non christians are doomed? so are christians of a 'higher level' than us? i certainly hope not.

i see people on their blogs or friendster profile claiming 'they love god'. they want nothing else but god. god this, god that, their whole life is about god. then i saw a girl in the mrt today. she was wearing a while shirt that proclaimed in big bold letters 'i (heart) god'.

think. do u see muslims, buddhists, taoists, hindus, or any other religion for that matter, having people on streets trying to persuade u to convert to their religion? NO. do u see any people wearing shirts proclaiming 'i love allah', 'i love Buddha', 'i love (insert god's name)' ? once again, NO.

so it makes me wonder. why christians? what is their problem? what is it with these people that they like to proclaim their 'love' for god so publicly? people of other religions, i dare say, are equally if not more devout. but they do not publicise their love for their god. again, so why christians then?

do these christians consider themselves to be above all other religions?

again i stress this entry is solely targetted at the small minority of extreme christians. very pissing off.

on a lighter note, i will have the top 5 ways to make ur hostel mate move out of ur hostel tmr. be sure to check back i'm sure it's gonna be hilarious.

and enjoy this song from craig david, it's called my love don't stop and it's the last song from his latest album im going to play for this week. and i think it's one of the bests in the album. enjoy!


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