Thursday, April 13, 2006

effectively, alright?

hello. i'm here to talk abt our wonderful maths lecturer.

she was our first ever maths lecturer. she taught us functions. now she's back for differentiation II. jokes.

i was bored today. and i couldn't stand it any longer. so i decided to count her 'alright's and 'effectively's. since the first lecture on functions, i realised her public speaking hasn't improved at all. it's still alright here, effectively there. LOL. lucky i didn't count the 'ok's.

so here it is. my little slip of paper.

and as u can see. over about 50 minutes, 42 'effectively's and a whopping 261 'alright's. and the small words at the side say 'Best lap: 6 alrights in 10 sec at 10.32am'. yes i have a very statistical mind. it went like 'lets look at example 1 alright, for this example alright, it is concave downwards alright, so alright...'

how's that for public speaking?


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