Tuesday, March 28, 2006


ok time to update.

firstly about copycats. damn sick lor. i post one post on top 10 excuses to give when caught sleeping in class and all of a sudden people start koping my entries.

like ee chong. idiot. go paste and put on class blog. like that also fun.

then got jheeva also. at least he asked me for permission. to put it on his blog. and duh it was NO. dunno whether he put anyways cant really be bothered to check.

i didnt think the top 10 excuses was that funny. it was funny but i thought the top 5 ways to make ur gf break up with u was better.

anyways. these stuff need brain power u know. damn. then pple just copy and paste. sick.

back to my entry. i've received alot of good feedback abt westlife's song amazing, and yeah it's a great song. so i decided to change song to another westlife song, also from their latest album Face to Face.

and i realised the song title aptly FITS my blog! it's the 4th track on Face to Face, and its called Desperado! ENJOY. wheeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeee desperado from desperadoz.

top 5 ways to stay awake in class will be the subject of my next post, meantime just enjoy the song as i rack my brains once again.


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