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ok i realised thanks to my statcounter.com that i had 50+ visitors on average everyday since desperadoz.blogspot.com started but yesterday it suddenly fell to 20+. damn.

and i also realised that blogging with pictures has become very popular culture. thus, i shall follow suit! wonderful i think it's damn fun also. i aim to hit at least 60+ hits a day with this loooong entry. gogo!

lets talk abt orientation TWO with pictures! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeee! enjoy lindsay lohan's emo song confessions of a broken heart at the same time too:)

seems like emo songs abt ur own dad is becoming very popular nowadays also. think kelly clarkson's because of you.

back to the topic! ORIENTATION TWO. gogogo day ONE!

just as i was leaving home i saw this is my kitchen that i didnt see the night before:

yes like wtf. i've NEVER seen such big and long bananas before.

did that sound wrong? never mind.

anyways in school!

pcb formed the z'pantak og! wooooot. yes. pcb has their very own og. hahaha. and pcb was at it again in the morning. we struck first with 2 water bombs. hahahaha. videos only obtainable personally, or else we're so gonna get white slips. hahaha.

then take a look at this: where are the missing balloons?!?!?!

HERE! hahahahaha.

here is my chio bu ogl jeslyn! hahaha good luck for ur gp common test tmr:)

a preview of our water balloon. lol. pple fill up with He, we fill up with H2O!

back in the hall.... cheryl neoh eagerly poses for desperadoz.blogspot.com. hahahahaha.

our new og mate, priscilla from nygh:)

and that's all for day one.


crazy day two, which is today. had to wake up at 5am cause needed to be in LT2 at 7am for ogl briefing. wtf. woke up and watched man utd get some cb tyco win. an own goal in injury time (90+2 minutes). idiot.

anyway reached school and went into LT and stuff. daniel yip and his fellow ogl (or more..?) genevieve were sitting in front of me. hahahah. take a look at yip's chee ko pek smirk.

i knew there was something going on.......

never mind. MOVING on..

behind me was self proclaimed chio bu venetia. hahahaha. she was with jeanette aw. i mean ivy wong. but i think she seriously looks like jeanette aw! wtf. the first time i saw her during dry run i immediately thought she bore a striking resemblance to some mediacorp actress. then i realised its jeanette aw. hmm. does right?

in the hall and ying han smiles for the camera.....unlike carmen who says talk to the hand.

here's velda and cheryl. velda's our bayley-waddle j2 ogl in charge. so cool. notice cheryl seems to always take pictures with the same pose. LOL.

'chio bu' venetia again. cb bus stop also wanna pose. tsk.

WTF. venetia always takes pictures with the same pose too! LOL.

batchgive for us was really quite slack. our flat was in bishan after all. just a few bus stops. and at their houses it was like over in 5 mins.

we went to j8 and me, mervyn, priscilla, ying han and carmen decided to go cafe cartel while the rest went pastamania and, er, s11.

i cant put a name to this pose. lol.

after lunch we still had some time thus we played truth or dare! and the first victim was yinghan. she chose dare and had to dip her pineapple into chilli sauce and eat it. she doesnt seem very pleased. LOL.

back in school! at the amphi i suddenly realised huiting was siting behind me. so.. ta da! cuteeeee huiting. lol.

take a look at priscilla's cooooolio specs. its dark blue framed, baby blue at the sides and yellow in the inside. SO COOOOOOOOL.

...............and to end off, its 'chio bu' venetia again. this time she said take pic with her. ok lor.


lol anyways we all look so happy! =D great. orienatation 2 was really fun luh haha.

bye bye! more picblogging to come hahaha.


Blogger really said...

sheesh always take with girls. tsk. HAHA GUESS WHO I AM.

anw i not going for srcs so you can't treat me to lunch >< NVM OKAY, NEXT TIME.


10:56 PM  

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