Thursday, March 02, 2006

tammy nyp

im at the library now.. just had maths test and waiting for the bio h3 talk.

maths test was relatively easy i guess. that's what most pple said too.

anyways let me introduce this really cool web tracker. its called statcounter. get it now at! here's why its cool:

besides giving u a webcounter to put on ur blog, it also has very detailed stats about ur blog and each visitor. it tells u the referring link to ur blog, what was the last page each visitor to ur blog was on, the ip address of each visitor, etc. damn cool. so for example if pple got to my blog by clicking on my link at, it would be recorded as the referring link.

if people searched a term on google and got to ur blog, it would also show. damn cool. just click on the link below the hit counter at the bottom of this page to take a look at how cool it is.

thats what im gonna talk abt. wtf if u click on 'view my stats' below and clicked on 'recent pageload activity on the left, it shows the referring links.

take a look, do u see it? some maxonline user came to my blog by searching wtf.

crazy. just cause i talked abt tammy in my first entry my blog has somehow appeared when u search for 'tammy pics'. wtf.

of course, if im feeling damn evil i can report his ip address. lol. cool rite this statcounter. pro technology man.

anyway i wanted to talk abt tammy and everything but i figured now everyone knows abt it so there's really no point.

'tammy nyp' on google gives 119,000 hits. wtf. lists 'tammy', 'tammy video', 'tammy sex clip' as its top searches the past week.

this is getting crazy. enghow was talking to me ytd and he was like 'wtf i whole day search web cant find the video!!!'.

its not circulating around anymore lah. wahaha. sad.

oh shit gtg for bio talk now tata!


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