Sunday, February 26, 2006


alright! this is my first post. yes. it feels weird not typing ccb.

wtf lah the diary-x. harddrive failure. then ask for donations, raised the money to buy a new drive, then tell us irrepairable. smart.

its damn sad lah. my template is GONE. and ALL my ENTRIES. ccb. cccccccbbbbbbbbb.

i had alot to talk abt for the last few weeks. from the NBA All Stars weekend to something i found in westmall oilet to the 'tammy nyp' incident to

since i wanna talk so much, i decided i might as well put my current favourite song for all readers to enjoy. its by fort minor, better than their first hit single believe me. this is called remember the name. wooooooot. btw they are having a concert in singapore soon! GOGOGOGO!

now let's start with.. if u havent already been there, please go and take a look.

then its the NBA all star weekend. oh shit. i gtg soon. k i'll try to put videos on it here REAL SOON, but basically for all those who havent heard me gushing, a 1.75m guy won the all star slam dunk competition. and its no surprise looking at his dunks. as promised, videos of it real soon.

3rd, something i found in westmall toilet. due to shortage of time, lol. i will keep all of u in suspense. p.s. i have pics of the 'something'.

lastly, tammy and nyp. fact of the week, 'tammy nyp' was the most searched term this week. surprise surprise. i dunno abt 'tammy nyp video download', but it should have been a close second.

sad me, unlike majority of the people i know, i havent even caught a glimpse of the video. im thinking of going to penang soon. lmao. today's news says 'tammy caps and t-shirts sold in penang, along with the video clips'. cool. penang porn pirates.

thats all from me cause i really have to go. (read: mum screaming)


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