Saturday, March 04, 2006

ogl dry run!

eh. today was quite cool leh. the j1 OGLs had a dry run. we went to the different flats that we were assigned to and met with the folks there.

although it was a crazy 8.30am to 5.30pm thing, it turned out to be quite fun after all. haha. the other ogls in bayley waddle made it more fun, really. got hyper pple like venetia. haha. then of course got daniel yip and alvin nat from buckle buckley and kuanghao from moor tarbet. fellow softballer ogls. wahahaha.

after that me and my classmates went to maxwell food centre for our class's learning journey. yes u got it right. a learning journey at maxwell food centre. lol fun.

ms olivia tan said it was a learning journey cause we were supposed to research on a specific food item and present it to the class. so can learn. ORHHHHH. in the end only 2 pple presented. rest didnt even bother to research (including me).

ms tan : nobody else presenting?!
keefe : i came here to EAT, not to talk!

ms tan : ok since most of you all did not bother to research, i declare this learning journey a FAILURE.
all of us : YAYYY!!! clap clap.
ms tan : ok so we shall treat this as a class outing.

wtf. anyhow. lol. i like!

hungry me devoured a bowl of fish porridge while shenglin ate an $8 frog legs porridge. eh the porridge at maxwell is a must try leh. its the biggest stall there and after tasting it u'll know why.

its just damn nice. btw mine was $4 only and the bowl of porridge was freaking big.

then i ate hum chih peng! 7 for $1. niceeeeee.

finally i drank a cup of extra large sugar cane juice for $1.50.

i learnt something from the 'learning journey' after all! lipids are present in the hum chih peng. wtf i squeezed one and phospholipids dripped out. i believe the reasons why it dripped out was because i broke the weak hydrogen and ionic bonds with my mechanical force (squeezing the poor hum chih peng).

talking abt studying, i still got loads of homework. but dota's more important. byebye time to dota dota!


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