Saturday, March 11, 2006


wooooooot. its the march holidays now, which means the SRC SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT! yeee ha!

anyways i realised photoblogging is really tiring, not to mention time consuming. have to upload and stuff. so from now on i shall only upload and post really impt pics. meanwhile u can go for some pics.

back to the src softball tournament, our next match would be TOMORROW against JJC. its at kallang softball diamond. 1.30pm. so those who are free pls come down and support!

then we will have a break, and the tournament resumes on thursday next week till sunday. and from thursday onwards the playing venue will be reverted back to good old padang! wooots.

thursday we have 1 match, 2.30pm vs HCI.

friday we have 2 matches, 12.15pm vs ACS(I) and 5.15pm vs VJC.

saturday we have 1 match, 1.15pm vs NJC.

sunday we have 1 match, 12.15pm vs TPJC.

following tpjc at 4.30pm there will be a prize presentation, if we win anything that is.

so pple! those who are free and are in town next week.. come support us!

ok now let me talk abt craig david. whoooohooo. if u havent already gotten his newest album The Story Goes.. u really shld get it. the whole album rocks! all the songs are damn nice.

his im sorry (i just don't love you no more) was's number 1 song of 2005. here's more from his new album, starting with the recent radio hit, Unbelievable.

more to come! GOGOGO craig david rocks.


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