Thursday, March 16, 2006


yay won again today. against hci. i think 17-0 or sth liddat. around there lah.

tmr we have 2 matches, be sure to come down and support us if u can!

btw im damn sad lah. its because of the 2 matches tmr that i cant go class gathering!!! and it's not just 07s03g's class gathering, there's also a sec 4I class gathering tmr ALSO -.-

wah lao. look at the email. and look at how much fun im gonna MISS. (underlined+bold is parts i found really... wrong.)

dear everyone from 4i,

yes, lyk oMg di5 yah00 grp R not d34d!!

shaosheng came up with a totally bright idea about 2 weeks ago and it wasn't philo related! -audible gasp-

he decided that since we haven't met up for so long, we should have a CL-ASS PAR-TEH.

and so the plan issssssssss......on FRIDAY 17TH MARCH 2006we'll meet at 10.30a.m. at Marina Bay MRT. then we'll go bowling. how funn! at 1p.m. we'll go find thingsto eat until..say 2p.m.? and then we'll whip out our sticks and put our balls on a table (lol 8 ball = 4 guy). we'll play pool until like, 5p.m., meanwhile people who don't play pool can lan and go arcade. maybe some of you can go fly a kite in the field. if theres no one using the field we can probably play some soccer.

then basically we hang around like marina kidz. NOT.

i think from there we can just discuss what we wanna do next. maybe we stay until dinner then we eatsteamboat together (i can't wait for the exchange of fluids) or we'll mrt somewhere else to eat / movie?

theres just a lot of suggestions, basically the plan isn't like set in stone like i'm the only one who's makingthe decisions sort of like when the sword was set in stone, arthur was the only one who could pull it out-gasp for air- BUT the plan will change depending on the turn out and general interests

so we appeal to all of you. yes, i am appealing to all (sublimal) of you to come down on fri. the morepeople, the more fun (okay lol so maybe too many people might not be fun) but i think the purpose ofthis outing is really to get everyone down and maybe rebuild some of the bonds that were broken when we went our separate ways in JC.

anyway for the people who prefer to see the plan in some sort of schedule/itenary form, here it is.

1030 Meet at Marina Bay MRT

1045 Bowling (For Soup) <-ignore

1300 Lunch

1400 Pool / Bowling / Arcade / LAN / Kite

1700 FFA (Free For All)

yea! if you're not really interested in whatever we're doing, never mind la, just come down and we'll tryour best to consider your preferences when we decide on what to do next!like if you wanted to do something like go suntec, just come and persuade some people to go with youand eventually the lack of participation will make the class outing a failure so the rest of us who may notwant to go suntec might go anyway cos no choice (just a possibility lol)

So basically that's it. Moca is opening his house in the evening to anyone who's interested in staying over, but that's not really confirmed yet. If it's not too much trouble please call around and spread this cuz im afraid that not everyone will get this and some might feel left out. So ya, hope to see everyone there!

so there u go. shit lah. sounds like so much fun. but we have 2 matches tmr and the last match starts at 5pm. by the time it ends.... sigh.

NEVER MIND. might as well put my heart and soul into tmr's matches. gogogo!

here's the jose mourinho song i promised. HILARIOUS. its by this guy called mario rosenstock. lol he likes imitating pple's voices and as u can hear he's VERY GOOD at it. wahahahaha.

the lyrics are below. ENJOY.

Mario Rosenstock - Jose and His Amazing Technicolour Overcoat

did u call that a performance of champions?
i am not looking at champions
alright gaffer!
NO it is NOT 'alright gaffer'

shut up makelele,
i am the manager of this team, and who am i?
u are the special one!
yes i am the special one
but that performance was not special
it made me laugh
and champions should not make me laugh

if i want to laugh, maybe i listen to damien doing a car insurance set
damien do it,
make me laugh, now

yeah, very funny.

now, drogba
first half, pathetic.
(nononono, gaffer, please...)

look if you want i can replace you.
it's no, it's no problem
i can, i can replace you
it's no problem

i can do it
search word 'rooney'
35 half million (no no!)
no problem
i can do it!
i can do it!

do u want me to press 'buy'? (no please gaffer!)
do u want me to press 'buy'? (no!)
then listen to the Special One? (ok ok!)

second half,
vocal exercises.. midfield!
now! (woah-oh),
very good, very good,

breathe and vocal! (woah-oh),
very good,
you are ready i think?

- - - - - - (can't really catch all the words, so forget it lol)

I close my eyes,
And stand there grinning (woah-oh),
We can't stop winning (woah-oh),
You'd be grinning too.
When I first came (when we first came),
I was delighted (woah-oh),
Could have managed United (woah-oh),
But any team will do.
I wore my coat, (he wears his coat)
The world is merry (woah-oh),
I've got John Terry (woah-oh),
And Drogba too. (go on didier!) (very good!)
I switched them round, (he switched his rounds)
They all are hating (woah-oh),
But I like rotating (woah-oh),
Any team will do. (go on gaffer!)

A corner kick,
Is just enough,
A little flick from Damien Duff (go on damien!) (yeah gaffer!),
The ball flies right into the net and we are one nil up (one nil one nil one nil one nil!!)...
May I return (may I return)
To the beginning (woah-oh),
It's so easy winning (woah-oh)
When your team is blue (blue is the colour!!)
We can't go wrong (we can't go wrong),
I am in heav-en (woah-oh),
Playing whatever eleven (woah-oh),
Any team will do. (mad cheering)

Go and be champions!
Be champions!
Do it, love it!
And if you don't do it, you can kill yourself.
Now take it from me,
Be champions!


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