Wednesday, March 15, 2006

pcb goes to sentosa!

woooooooooooot. back from a tiring day at sentosa with PCB. wahahahah. brought along my digicam so there'll be pics as well:)

supposed to meet 9.30am at harbourfront mrt, then i was the first to arrive at 9.23. sheng lin came at 9.35, dom came at 9.40+ and mq came at 9.40+.

cb. still got goon and zhao ying. wtf. wahahaha. by the time they came we had already walked to the ntuc, bought drinks and some snacks, and were eating prata at the coffeeshop beside the sentosa bus stop. it was 10.37am. nevertheless, they wanted to eat breakfast too so we ended up leaving the coffeeshop at nearly 11am. LOL!

btw the prata is quite nice. the curry is spicy and sour. just to my liking! yummy. and the toast also quite good. 1 slice 40c. yummy.

after we arrived at sentosa and were waiting for the bus to take us to siloso beach, pcb struck again. i mean with pcb around, lets just say unique things always seem to happen.

hahaha. we decided that we needed mats for our outing at the beach. i mean u cant expect us to put our bags on the sand can u? or even sit on the sand? wahahaha. so pcb did what (i realised) they usually did. they koped a huge stack of Guide to Sentosa pamphlets and shoved it into a bag. LOL. u know those pamplets that contain a map of sentosa, places to visit, etc. LOL anyhow.

at siloso beach entrance, this is the sign at the front of the toilet. quite cool leh. hahaha. innovative.

so anyways we arrived at siloso beach and we paid $5 for the usage of facilities thing and played volleyball. all super anyhow haha. i was serving with my maria sharapova grunt. fun. lol.

after tiring volleyball PCB STRUCK AGAIN. watch this masterpiece by pcb. it seriously reminds me of what team rocket does in those pokemon cartoons that i still used to watch. ahahahahaha.

its called digging a big hole and disguising it. LOL.

first, start digging a deeeeep hole.

then, the completed masterpiece shld look something like THIS. lol.

next, put a piece of newspaper on top of the hole. wahahahahaha.

start covering it with sand!! haha.

cover, cover....

almost DONE!

COMPLETED. muahahahaha.

now we lie in wait for our unlucky passerby! ahhahahaha.

now comes the bad news. super wtfbbq. keefe was walking back to play volleyball and he stepped in the hole himself. CB. SUPER JACK ASS.

lucky i was taking photos and i didnt help in building the trap otherwise it would have been more jack. hahahaha.

after that we went kayaking. damn fun. and played bball oso and finally ended with pool. wooooooooooot. tiring day, but FUN!

byebye sentosa!!


Blogger really said...

haha dumbass step in the hole yourself.

eh you say hello then got nothing to say liao ah.

11:19 PM  

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