Sunday, March 19, 2006

last day of holidays!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww nooooooooooooooo. its the last day of holidays. damn it.

anyways havent been updating so here's the stuff.. src softball tournament champions again. quite expected. hahaha. 5 years in a row already! woot.

anyways quite disappointed during the tournament but lets not talk abt it. champs can already i guess.

BTW. sch's starting tmr that means........... pple will get to see keefe's cool hair!

shit lah. this is gonna be bad. i hope i dun get stared at in the canteen/LT/toilet.


eh it's really not that bad lor. hahahahahaha. talking abt sch, i haven't done any homework yet. wtf. not like i have any. wahahahaha.

i heard other classes damn poor thing, got gp outline, econs essay, etc. i have none of that! hahaha. only bio cancer assignment which is already completed.

time to dota! dota dota dota. wahahahaha.

btw i've been spammed with orders for my mourinho song. hahaha and james cai is especially hysterical abt it. lol the song really rocks.

anyways check out this song by this new malaysian singer called Cao Ge. i tell u he's gonna be some rising hot star some day (if he isn't already one) with those vocals of his. check it out it's called superwoman.


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