Tuesday, April 11, 2006


damn it. i realised im damn disorganised.. i remembered i wanted to publicise craig david's awesome new album, then i suddenly jumped to lee ryan's new album, then westlife's, then now random songs.

lol. i must focus! ok so i'll do things one at a time. this week is craig david! here's another song from his latest album The Story Goes. let's see.. played Don't Love You No More, Unbeliveable, Johnny..... here's Do You Believe In Love. enjoy.

btw i realised this week damn slack. monday no sch, then later friday no sch also. coool. had bio soc today. bio soc exco interviews. LOL. damn fun.

they asked me alot of interesting questions..answer answer answer. then suddenly came "what are your flaws?" i got stunned leh. i went erm erm erm and still couldn't think of what to say! then in the end i crapped and said 'erm maybe sometimes i'm abit too sentimental.. like if my friends are late i will give them a second chance'.

the guy stared at me with HUGE eyes.

i dunno what i was saying also. LOL.


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