Sunday, April 09, 2006


lol today DAMN FUN.

went kbox in the morning with yi xuan, kelly, ning rui and 4 other pple not from our class, 3 guys and 1 girl. lol. damn fun sang sang sang. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. from 11am - 2pm. woww.

we were supposed to stop at 2pm but of course we didnt. haha. common practice everywhere to sing till u get chased out. finally stopped at around 2.30+.

after that went arcade. cause yi xuan wanted to 'thrash me in daytona'. lol. she claimed happily that she beat james. james u noob. i finished first. lmao.

then we played pool cause the arcade had pool. $8.40 per hour. saw changxun with a girl there. o.O never seen before one. wonder if she's from rj.

after pool we played daytona again and i led for 7 laps of the race but last lap crash. jokes. finished 3rd. anyhow.

then yi xuan challenged me to HYPER BISHI BASHI! lol. she claimed to be able to own me. in the end first 7 rounds i won. jokes. then after that suddenly she keep owning me until my 3 lives gone. dammit.

after that went home. the crazy yi xuan and her 2 galfrens and the 2 guys not from our class went burger king to play bridge.

jokes. but fun day! and it's man utd vs arsenal next. its very obvious who will win. MAN UTD. mark my words man utd will own arsenal.

talking abt SOCCER, just now wei ren smsed me with 'hey check out channel 23 now'.

i went channel 23 and saw chelsea vs westham. chelsea 0-1 westham. so i was like 'LOL wtf. nvm they will score 4 more'.

i should have bet you know. the match ended chelsea 4-1 westham.


anyways hope u'all enjoy the song it's a number 1 hit by mary j. blige and it's called be without you. LOVELY.


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