Thursday, March 30, 2006

top 5 ways to stay awake in class

Top 5 ways to stay awake in class (for guys)

5) Think about that hot chick from your lecture group. better still, if possible, think about that hot chick from your very own class. Drooling is advised since it makes the table less conducive to lie ur head on; over-drooling, however, would probably result in you finding urself in an all-guys class the next day.

4) Prop your eyelids up with little stilts that you've cleverly fashioned out of toothpicks and cotton balls.

3) Have a friend beside you (works best if his name is Yee Kuan Fu) who likes to touch/fondle/hug/carress you and parts of your body periodically during class.

2) Wear your contact lenses sideways/diagonally.

1) Think about the images/videos you viewed on ur computer (or lately, handphone) last night. The more graphically inclined, the more ur brain would be stimulated. Guaranteed wide awake in no time. Any sound effects, though, and RJC would become all-boys sooner or later. Serious health risks if your pants size is 30 or smaller.


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