Saturday, April 08, 2006

ora walkajogathon

lol. today was a damn fun day.

had ora walkajogathon in the morning. damn funny. asked farhan and yejie to chiong with me but they didnt want wtf. i heard from ivan that last year mok ying ren and lim zhi cong chionged and top few who finished got a lucky draw ticket each. LOL.

finally i found edward and his friend, and they were eager to chiong as well. so we did! when the walkajog started the rg and ri pple were in front of us and wtf they were all strolling as one big group. we overtook all of them and found 2 middle aged ladies leading the pack. we stuck behind them. one look back and only 3 people were running behind us. the rest of them were 'walk'-ing instead of 'ajogging'.

finally we finished the long run. ended up overtaking the 2 ladies. we didnt even know where the finish line was (there wasn't any). so we ran to the raffles trail finishing line beside the parade square. LOL.

then ended up going back to track, where a guy told us ending point was back at block A. we were like wtf screw it and went exploring the stalls. haha. (turned out there wasnt any finishing line, runners after the walkajog were free to roam already. wtf.)

we were top 3 finishers of walkajog, but didnt even get anything. newater bottles aren't counted!

after that i walked around the stalls, found kumarga, seliyan and their hilarious game stall. people were supposed to throw a ball to hit the cans. 3 tries. $1 per try. prize? a packet of super ring. 2 if u managed to hit all. lol.

met a girl called maznah. think she's quite pretty. hahahaha. and she's very friendly. kept asking me to buy mango pudding. haha. ok lor in the end i bought. lol. it's quite nice actually! but they ran out of spoons so i had to kope a bubble tea straw from a neighbouring bubble tea stall LOL.

after that me yr and kh went to queue up for the haunted house thing. crazy. queued for 2 hours and still got a long way to go. yr and kh decided to screw it. farhan also. so we left the queue. lol. they went to yr's house while i stayed behind.

after changing at the toilet i decided to go back up to the haunted house queue to try my luck. sure enough i spotted xiaole and her friends at the head of the queue! i asked them if i could join and they only got 6 pple so i can! lol!

the haunted house was damn funny actually. haha. they were all looking for their friend and shouting her name. wan qing i think. lmao. basically the ghosts just dressed up and rushed at u screaming. ouch my ears it's almost as bad as hearing ee chong sing. JOKING.

at the last room before the exit, there were alot of ghosts haha. they were all sitting down and xiaole and gang rushed to identify which one was 'wan qing'. LOL. in the end they spotted her and instead of them scaring us they all rushed at her. LOL.

i saw sarah too in the familiar blue cheongsam. HAHA. i went sarah... sarah.... and i must say she can act. really looked like a crazy woman. then all the 'ghosts' stood up in unison and started screaming as us. AGAIN.

lol. ghosts were never that funny. hahahahahaha.


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