Thursday, April 06, 2006


shit lah i realised i've not been updating frequently. and my viewership has dropped too. lol.

anyways due to popular demand after all the Campus Superstar hype here's Cao Ge's Superwoman. when i first put it on here i TOLD u it was a damn pro song. so zhiyang sang it and i guess it was very good considering the difficulty of the song. sit back and admire this young upstart malaysian singer's pro voice.

tmr we'll be having a sec 4I dinner gathering! ooooooooh. and mrs albar aka mambamama will be there. undoubtedly the best english teacher in RI, the friendliest and the closest (well at least to me) teacher u can possibly find. love her to bits and i can't wait to see her again.

i heard it'll be a pizza dinner. at the astro turf so we can all gaze at the stars. one problem lah. no girls all guys. gaze at what stars?! gay. gaying under the stars maybe.

then saturday will be ORA WALK A JOGATHON. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i'll be jogging once again. bloody hell last year the thing cancelled cause was raining. this year better not again man.

will be bringing my digicam along to take pics so be sure to check back for pics! whoooohooooooooo.


Blogger Farish said...

jessica albar norizan was your FT?! wtf

9:19 PM  

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