Saturday, April 01, 2006

pre season dinner

woooot yesterday night after training the whole rjc softball team went to tiong bahru plaza for a pre season dinner.

daniel and I had a spooky time at the staircases. lol. but before that check out the latest hottest song around. it's by a guy called Ne-Yo; i dunno why ANYONE would have a name that sounds like a childhood toy, but who cares. it's called So Sick and it's such a damn nice song (number 1 almost everywhere) u WON'T get sick of it. enjoy.

so back to the story. daozhe told us that restaurant was at 6th floor, so a group of us took the lift to the 6th floor. but we only found a chinese restaurant there.

then we were told the restaurant was at the 4th floor. so while others were waiting for the lift daniel and i decided to take the stairs -- after all it was only 2 floors and the lift was taking so goddamn long.

so. we went by the stairs. the staircase was not very well lit. as we were walking i mentioned 'eh what if the staircase door opens one way only then we're stuck here'.

we reached the 5th floor. 1 more floor to go. down 2 spirals of steps and still no 4th floor. we looked down and saw like seemingly never ending steps. given the mood that we were already in, we were like 'wtf' and quickly ran back up to the 5th floor.

lol. then i noticed an 'exit' sign at the other end so i was like 'hey there's another staircase there lets try that.'

we went in and saw the cargo lift. it was at 1st floor so we decided to take the other door to the staircase.

we walked in and down 1 spiral of steps; sure enough i saw a door and went towards it. daniel was gesturing at the stairs and saying 'eh where u going'.

i was like '4th floor what. isnt it here'. so he joined me.

it was then that i opened the door.

barely a second later the two of us were dashing back up the stairs like we were running for our lives.

what we saw SERIOUSLY freaked us out.


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