Wednesday, July 02, 2008


okay okay i decided that this shit excuse of a blog is getting deader than the dead sea so i have to do something about it! and since i am OUT OF ARMY i SHOULD be updating my blog regularly like a good old civillian.

haha good ol' civillian! civillian. hehehehehe. yes so keefe has disrupted army to study Medicine at NUS. and is currently enjoying a month long break before starting on 6 years of pleasurable hell. okay somehow when i blog the word "army" makes me real uncomfortable so i wont say the A word anymore. not like i have to. for the next 6 years at least! hahahaha!

k sorry to those slugging it out in brunei or OCS. damn wished i was there..... not! ahahahaha!

k i dont know why im laughing like hell but it IS kinda funny if you put yourself in... well. a civillian's shoes? ahahahhahah!

okok i must really stop now it's getting lame and i'll be getting death threats if i gloat any longer. i dont know, maybe it'll come by post? overseas mail from brunei? HAHAHAHA

so anyway, i have been learning driving, mostly playing sports, going out with yr and zhenghong. i am so gonna spend one day in kinokuniya soon. just reading and reading and reading. medicine books and james patterson books. wonderful.

we watched Wanted yesterday. it was good actually. the first parts were kinda exciting and good stuff. at the end though, it was kinda lame. and at the end of the movie they are mean to you hahahahaha so it leaves a bitter taste in ur mouth? lol. i would rather spend my money on HANCOCK. whooohoooo will smith. i love him and his movies. he is damn cool ahhaha.

okay that's it. until next time, which will be very soon. i promise! DesperadoZ will not be a dead blog anymore and i will make sure the viewership goes up to previously sky-high levels! hahahahaha. KEEFE WILL UPDATE HIS BLOG REGULARLY.


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