Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i'm back!

hellloooooooooo i'm finally back and ready to rumble.

okay, so As are over! whoohooo. now it's really just slackkk and playyy. think we should all enjoy this time while we can i dont think there will ever be such a period of freedom and fun ever again. hahaha. at least not in the near future.

i went to genting, it was okay. same old stuff i guess haha. except this time i finally went onto the Flying Coaster in the outdoor theme park. its one of the newer additions and i must say it is DAMN GOOD. even better than the Corkscrew. the Corkscrew is really no kick cause you are strapped so tightly in your seat. when u are taking the Flying Coaster, on the other hand, u are standing up and there is quite some space for movement. so when you go upside down and stuff you can really FEEL yourself going upside down and turning rounds to a much greater extent than the Corkscrew.

after genting i joined the ORA softball training on Saturday with kuang hao and farhan! need to train hahaha cause we're representing ORA in a Japanese Fastpitch Softball Tournament on the 16th of December. whoohooo.

on sunday it was quite fun. morning went to airport to see my mum and sis off, they were heading for Taiwan. then after that i went to Kinokuniya and stayed there from late morning to evening just reading boooks! i'm such a nerd. NICE.

i've always wanted to just spend a day in Kinokuniya; there are so many books available for reading. there were career guidance books too haha i read the one on doing Medicine. oh and there were loads of Medicine stuff maybe i should go back again and start studying for uni lol!

i also saw a very interesting book. it was called God Is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens. it was some major bestseller and i thought i would take a look. it was quite funny, cause the atheist books and christian books were all in the same section. i was reading the book and beside me there was a middle aged guy who was reading some book about god. and you know what, he saw me reading the book and cast me a totally disdainful look filled with poison and disgust. LMAO. so i held up the book and made sure the cover page of the book with the words "God Is Not Great" were right in his face. LOL. he finally left while i was still reading the book, but not before turning around and looking at me while he was leaving. n00b. i read whatever the hell (lol) i want, bitch.

monday was a crazy day. i was home alone for the whole day. and spent most of my time on the computer lol. i have Doom 3 and Championship Manager 08! and omgwtf Doom 3 is a damn good game. played on my new comp with NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT the graphics are really imba. Championship Manager 08 is also damn good wahahahaha. very interactive and exciting.

at night i decided i had enough of the comp and went to Lot 1 for dinner + a trip to the library. i borrowed 4 books! hahaha. the Chelsea FC Official Biography, The Death List by Paul Johnston, Without Consent by Kathryn Fox and "The World's best selling book on Atheism" Atheist Universe by David Mills.

i feel that i'm getting more interested in this whole Science vs Religion thing. must be because i always hang out with people like zheng hong. i try to open my mind to arguments from both sides, but frankly, at the moment, my basic instinct, common sense, and pure reasoning tells me that i am still pretty much an agnostic.

a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.
a person who denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of study.

yeah. i'm not an atheist. an atheist believes firmly that there is no God. i prefer to think that such things are unknowable. haha. christian girls, i dont hate you. hahaha. oh, btw, i feel girls who discriminate against having a non-christian boyfriend is just. wrong. it's quite bad if your life is totally controlled by your parents; but just because the guy doesnt share the same belief? that is just plain sad. if u asked Richard Dawkins he'd say the guy is smarter and more intellectual than you. (Richard Dawkins called for all non-believers to termed "Brights")

anyways, it's PROM TONIGHT. whooooooooo exciting! too bad i cant go for much after prom stuff; i got a Mindef Internship Programme the next day. :(

will be back with stories and pics from prom!


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