Saturday, August 11, 2007

A paragraph about Keefe the Softballer

Keefe Tan Prom King (lolwtfbbq)

Keefe is someone who is quintessential to every team. His easy-going and jovial personality is infectious and never fails to lift the spirits of his team mates. On the field, Keefe is hardworking and fights hard for a place in the team, even though everyone knows it is impossible to usurp the throne from Liew Kuang Hao, The King of Pitchers. Nevertheless Keefe’s rags-to-riches story of his development into one of Singapore Schools’ top pitchers is both touching and almost unbelievable; Keefe's obsession with pitching can be seen from the fact that he dreamt about pitching a curve ball, which, eventually, he did with greater success and variation than the King Liew. He also holds 3 illustrious records that no pitcher in the world can claim to ever achieve:

1) He pitched a 4 pitch inning.
2) He made Coach Albert do a 360 degree swing in an attempt to contact with a sly sucker ball.
3) He made Tan Yi Rui, the mercurial God of Batting, attempt a swing that looked suspiciously like that of a Thai farmer ploughing his wheat field. This was after he pitched the world’s first Sucker Curve ball.


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