Friday, July 27, 2007

major update!

ok here's a major update!

interhouse bball : managed to get into 3rd/4th placing match. will be played on 7th august. watch out for me! hahaha.

napfa test: on a crazy hot day i did my napfa test (finally)

sit ups: 50, A
standing broad jump: 253cm, A
sit and reach: 60cm, A
shuttle run: 9.0sec, A
pull ups: 11, A
2.4km run: 9min 40 sec, A

whew lucky to have gotten 30points once again xD

interhouse bowling: after a lolwtfbbqgotpWned australian maths competition, i cabbed down to marina south for interhouse bowling.

bowled 3 games. first game 125, second game 140, third game 162.

but bayley-waddle finished LAST. sian la. probably cause we only had 2 teams? (up to 3 teams allowed per house) if they decided based on total pinfalls then we certainly were at a disadvantage. =(

interhouse tennis: postponed to next friday.

interhouse track and field: signed up for 100m, 400m and 4x100m. hahahahaha.

oh yeah signed up for inter CCA 4x100 relay as well. under what else but RAFFLES CYBERGAMING of course. LOL. just like last year, raffles cybergaming is so gonna own ass this year again LOL ftw (how apt, the usage of ftw. hahahaha)

meet jay chou up close and personal: there was a contest on which involved uploading a video of u singing a jay chou song. the top 50 ones would receive a pair of tickets to meet jay chou up close and personal when he comes to singapore to promote his new movie. Nebo supposedly invested heavily on this and made it a really exclusive event.

i sent in a video of me singing tui hou. its still there lol. go check it out if u want.

not surprisingly, i won a pair of tickets. haha. i say not surprisingly not because i think im good (the video wasnt perfect anw) but because the competition was, frankly, poor. lol.

go check the videos out if u dun believe. some seriously sounded REALLY bad.

i received a call from the pple at Nebo this afternoon, damn funny la. "Hello, are u desperadoz?" LOL.

then they told me i won tickets, but unfortunately they realised im "not a Nebo card member". and i have to be a nebo card member in order to claim the prize.

so here's the deal. Nebo 3 year membership, for a discounted rate of $29.95. sounds cheap, but u realise the next 2 years i'll be in army. and this year i have A levels. so im really not gonna be using the card much.

the card offers LOADS of freebies btw, ranging from free entry to exclusive movie screenings and concerts and stuff. but for me to spend $30 primarily to meet jay chou up close and personal just doesnt sound right.

guess i have to forfeit my prize and pass it on to the next person. feel abit wasted la.


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