Saturday, April 14, 2007

update again!

another update! haha actually feeling quite lazy to update but i feel i have to talk abt certain stuff so might as well just chip in an entry.

1) champions league

ok everyone's talking abt man utd's 7-1 win, but they were playing at home and after the first 1 or 2 goals things were pretty much easy from then on.

CHELSEA, on the other hand, played away at the Mestalla stadium, where valencia have not lost in 10 games against english clubs. valencia even scored in the first half to make the aggregate 2-1, adding a huge amount of pressure on chelsea.

after some brilliant tactical changes during half time by Mourinho, chelsea come out and eventually came from behind to win 2-1 on the night, and 3-2 on aggregate. THAT is called character and determination.

as i have said, chelsea WILL win the quadruple this season. muahahaha!

2) i never say

well, whether u meant for it to be heard or not, the fact is, someone heard u saying it. that someone has absolutely no reason to cook up tales and as a result, we are quite annoyed with you.

however, instead of saying sorry, u react; aggresively defensive (see the irony) the worst part of it, and one which we all dont understand, is why u insist on never saying it. this comes across as being very irresponsible for ur actions, and of course adds to our annoyance.

it's not helped by the fact that u go crying whole day, and appeal for sympathy through spreading propanganda to others around u.

why so much politics? i was asked. i realise now that it transcends politics -- this has become a dictatorship.

with u right in the middle with all the power.

don't mess with bitchy softball guys. we win.


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