Wednesday, March 07, 2007


HELLO ALL. welcome to keefe's long overdue post.

basically, KEEFE TAN loves cao ge. and keefe is in the official cao ge fan club, the Gary Friend Club.

being a Gary Friend Club member reaps many benefits, like getting free tickets to watch him whenever he comes to singapore.

the last time he came, it was during the Project Superstar Grand Finals. i won a ticket to go but didnt go :(

this time he came to singapore again and was in NTU for the NTU CAMPUS CONCERT. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

of course i went. once in a very darned long time u know.

it was AWESOME. first time watching cao ge LIVE and it's really indescribable. somemore cause im from the fan club i had FRONT ROW SEATS. whoooohooo.

cao ge was running all around the LT, which is slightly smaller than our rjc LT1. i was seating near the aisle and he ran up and down the same aisle i was sitting in AHHHHHH HE WAS SO CLOSE.

he sang a total of 8 songs: 3-7-20-1, bei pan, bao hu ni, superman, liang zhi lian ren, tian mi mi, tian shi ji du de shen huo, and shi jie wei yi de ni for encore.

the thing that struck me most was that he's very humble -- he came on stage at the start and said "hi i'm cao ge, qing duo duo zhi jiao" which means "please give me pointers/guide me along".
im sure la he need pple to guide him. so pro already. cb.

the second thing is that he REALLY likes to get close to the fans. every opportunity he gets he either throws his posters into the crowd while singing a song or comes down from stage to mingle with his fans.

there was once he sang tian mi mi and he had a rose in his hand. he went scouting around the LT for a girl to give it to. omg.

then in the end he found the girl -- someone siting directly in the row behind me. OMG. cause there was an empty seat beside her, and cao ge went to sit there and proceeded to sing the remainder of the song to her before giving her the rose OMG.

CAO GE WAS LIKE just 2 metres in front of me!? AHHHHH. really DAMN CLOSE.

everyone was going crazy and snapping pictures.

anyways after the concert it was time to SIGN AUTOGRAPHS. i brought my coveted cao ge CD and went up on stage to get it autographed by him. after signing it he looked up at me and then shook my hand. AHHH his hand was damn warm im serious.


anyways cao ge is REALLY pro. when u hear him live, u will know. here are the videos of him i found on youtube ENJOY. oh yeah. watch him mingle with the crowd!

1) 3-7-20-1

2) Superman

3) Bao Hu Ni

4) Tian Shi Ji Du De Shen Huo

5) Liang Zhi Lian Ren

6) Bei Pan

7) Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni


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