Friday, December 22, 2006

DesperadoZ's top 3 songs of 2006!

a pic of me and the Commissioner of Police Khoo Boon Hui. taken when i received $1000 for the Police Scholastic Achievement Award. hahahas.


been busy these few days, probably gonna be for the next week till we leave for chaingmai on the 28th on december. it's been softball, studying, dota. lol. nice life.

anyways. 28th dec going chiang mai for softball tournament till 3nd january. and this MEANS im gonna miss the annual DesperadoZ's countdown of top 5 songs of the year. GREAT.

btw, last year my countdown of songs was almost identical to that of power 98's and perfect10's. wooot.

and i havent really been listening to the radio so i dunno what songs i shld put! ARGH#@#@^! nowadays i just like listen to the albums of the artises i like instead of the radio.

but anyways i got a few songs in my mind. and i shall start the countdown RIGHT NOW. top 3 Chinese songs, and top 3 english songs.

lets start with chinese songs first.


3. Tank - Gei Wo Ni De Ai
2. Jay Chou - Bai Se Feng Che
1. Gary Cao Ge - Superwoman

haha well is it any surprise? DesperadoZ's number 1 chinese song of the year is CAO GE's SUPERWOMAN. seriously this song made me start listening to chinese music again. previously i was 99% english music. but the sheer vocal prowess of cao ge is just unbelievable. and it moved me! ahahaha.

close your eyes. listen. and enjoy it one more time. DesperadoZ's number 1 chinese song of 2006, cao ge, superwoman.


3. Shakira - Hips Don't Lie
2. Ne-Yo - So Sick
1. Chris Brown - Run It

FINALLY. after countless hours of refreshing the page i can finally get my countdown over and down with. in case u all didn't know the Taiwan Earthquake caused underground internet cables in singapore to be damaged so loads of websites couldn't be loaded.

SO THIS IS IT. NUMBER ONE. chris brown - run it. what an awesome track. great beats, wonderful dance music, just simply a great musical achievement. lol. PLUS chris brown won the award for Best Male Artiste of 2006 so this number one spot belongs to him.

enjoy guys, i'll be flying off to chiangmai tmr till 3rd jan.

i'll miss you.


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