Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the worst movie of 2006. lmao.

lol. remember a few posts back i talked about the 2 best movies of 2006? well here i am now with my verdict of what could possibly be the WORST movie this year.

its called Final Call. its supposed to be the sequel to the "hit" jap horror movie One Missed Call.

well here's DesperadoZ's movie review.

movie name: Final Call
rating: 0.5/5

sypnosis: Hot Jap Chick #1 is always getting bullied by her classmates. She decides to hang herself, but does not die. Ends up in a coma instead. Her classmates go on a school trip and start receiving smses with the words "Forward this or die!". The first few stupid ones dun care and, of course, die.

Then they realise it's real and they battle it out to survive. Thats when the hilarious parts come in.

Oh, one more thing, once the msg is forwarded it cannot be forwarded anymore. Meaning the next one to get it has to die. lol. Then they realise the smses are being sent by, who else, Hot Jap Chick #1 (who is supposed to be in a coma). Doesn't make sense? Precisely. Hot Jap Chick #2 is her classmate and tries to stop her. Will she succeed? Watch it and find out lol.

verdict: this is a no brainer, really. The only reason why this movie got half a star is purely based on the 2 really hot jap leading actresses. It was SUPPOSED to be a scary movie but most of the time people ended up laughing. kinda screwed up and reminds me of the only other show i really think is crap, the "horror" movie The Park. (i talked about it in one my diary-x entries last time)

it is a complete waste of your $7 (or even more). but since this movie was treated, i shant complain too much. lol. there is NO plot, the deaths DO NOT make sense, the beginning is "wah lao damn lame", the ending is super anti-climax and totally spoils everything, and the whole thing is just a pamela-anderson's-cup-size grade piece of crap that wastes 1hr 30mins of ur time.

the only reason why u would watch this is perhaps to be able to finally watch a horror movie and laugh. come to think of it, it is actually worth it for all of u to watch it and realise how lame it is.

other than that, Final Call makes as much sense as 2 guys fighting it out in a boxing match at MOS over a girl. LOL!


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