Monday, October 30, 2006


hello im back for an update.

today had training. kinda fun. the stupid haze was back. wtf morning i woke up and there was a burning smell. crazy.

after training we chionged the kfc at kallang. whoohoo. fattening food. then i went to dhoby ghaut with alvin natanael kumarga (whoohoo i just love spelling his name) to play pool.

he told me that place cheap what. okay it was. $6 per hour. and the place was nice. no smoke, orderly, kinda like some country club. hahaha.

POOL WAS FUN. i tell u, it's good to play with a guy who's about as good as you. okay heck we are both simply pool pros. hahahahaha. challenging.

we played 9 ball instead of the conventional solid-stripes thing.

final score : keefe 6 alvin 2

it wasnt as bad as the score puts it to be. poor kumarga shot the 9th ball in together with the white ball 4 sets in a row so it was just tough luck. hahah.

speaking of tough luck it reminds me of The Mad Magazine game we played in school last week. freaking fun lah. i played it when i was very young and that day i wanted to borrow Monopoly but it was taken and i spotted Mad Magazine so we played that.

ahahaha it's a damn dumb game but that's precisely why it's fun.

basically the rule of the game is to lose all your money. and wierd rules apply like u can only roll the dice with ur left hand (if u use ur right hand everyone pays u $500)

okay it's just damn fun i think those who haven't tried it should try it someday.

btw GOOD NEWS. i GOT IN! the RJC-NIE-CTFS Bukit Timah Nature Reserve DNA Barcoding Project. holy shit. 60+ applicants and they had to choose 13 and i got it.

u know i didnt think i would really get it cause on the application form there was a part which asked u for your promo results -.-

and my bio was a D.

i've no idea, but i reckon me getting in has something to do with my "unexplained love for biology" when asked to do a write-up on why i should be selected for the project. wahahahaha. YAY.

i damn happy. D for bio also can. proves that passion > results.

though i would love to have both.

ANYWAYS david tao got a new album and it's damn freaking nice. shall upload the songs onto my mp3 player here real soon! :)

good luck for chem SPA!


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