Saturday, October 14, 2006

RJC Open House 2006

whooohooo this post is finally up and i guarantee it will be a fun and hilarious read.

i'll be using alot of pictures to tell the story haha. RJC Open House 2006. fun.

FIRSTLY, our cybergamings booth.

like wtf. all the other booths were like so nice. sigh but it can't be helped when 2 people have to do everything. where are all your members when u need them? nowhere. cause cybergamings is some stupid CCA that people go to just for a few hours of fun a week. that's the harsh reality of our CCA. hell i don't even have an official member list. -.-

softball is such a nicer CCA to be associated with. lol. kudos to all the girls' hard work. designing and decorating all the stuff. once again they displayed their imba gosu (deborah's new favourite word!) art skills with this wonderful banner. take a look.

then this was a funny sight at LT1 during our Befriender's meeting. lol. everyone got nice colourful shirts then suddenly...

so anyways Befriender duty was really dumb cause there were too many Befrienders and too little visitors. so most of us ended up slacking around and walking here and there. oh yeah kaiyang was singing in a bid to raise some funds for the canoeist's Laos CIP trip. so me and farhan decided to join in! lol.

fun sia. farhan sang More Than Words while i got jerik to play Now and Forever for me to sing. fun fun fun.

then i went eating lunch and daniel seemed to have a penchant for taking pics of me while eating.

so anyway i was walking around school and saw all these posters of a guy (or girl!?) with his arms out and with the words "raffles rendevous : what are you looking for?".

so i began to wonder...

...what i was looking for.

then suddenly 5 minutes later it's head came off. and 2 suspicious characters were lurking around the poster. caught in the act! if you see closely the mischievous grin on the girl is clearly visible. lol.

finally the softballers decided to take a photo together in front of the poster, whose head was mysteriously reattached.

OF COURSE, all these events led to DesperadoZ opening up and investigation. thus these 3 videos were formed. It's called Physics 101 : What happens when a tennis ball hits your head.

and these were what happened before our actual, er, act.


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