Friday, September 22, 2006

free movie tickets AGAIN

lol barely a week after i wasted a pair of The Haunted Apartment tickets worth $16, i have struck gold again.

u see, DesperadoZ is a well-known SUPPORTER of original goods. STRICTLY no piracy whatsoever. thus i am a HIP friend. lol i think i signed up during primary school or sth? or sec 1? cant remember. i even got my own HIP FRIEND CARD.

they have their own website too,

i signed up as a member there rather recently, and it so happened that they had some crazy triple movie giveaway cause it's their 3rd year anniversary. just a click of the mouse and u entered ur account into the draw for free tickets.

and yes i received this email:

Dear HIP Friend,

Congratulations! You have won yourself a pair of tickets to catch the exclusive premiere of the Chinese Blockbuster "Rob-B-Hood" starring Jackie Chan and Louis Koo. Movie screening will be held on 27 September at 7pm at Shaw Bugis (Hall 3), Bugis Junction. Kindly approach the counter set up by Power 98FM to collect your tickets. Please present your NRIC and this email upon collection. Should you not be able to attend the screening, you can transfer your tickets by presenting a letter of authorisation.

Have a great time at the movie!
Best regards,
HIP Website Administrator

great. right SMACK in the middle of promos. lol thursday morning chem paper somemore. WHO WANTS TO GO? hahahahaha.

dunno lah. mug. in the meantime enjoy another song from Jay Chou's new album. this one is called Xin Yu.


i was just doing maths just now and i thought of ANOTHER QUESTION to add to my famous list of DesperadoZ's top (dunno how many) questions!

If a McChicken costs $2, how much does a Maclaurin cost?

i smsed a few pple in class and the replies were shocking.

"Infinite.. Since power series is infinite.." -- Shawn Tan

"Zero cos u differentiate 2 wrt x" -- James Chan

"Duno la. Wah siao you're damn free la" -- Wenxin


"Lolz! Studied too much chem liaoz! But quite funny lah!" -- TAN YI XUAN

"Uh.. How much?" -- NG SIQI KELLY

(side info for those not in my class: these questions are added randomly, at anytime, anywhere, as long as a spark hits me i grab THE questions book i usually carry around and jot it down. the questions range from the totally baseless and lame to the really witty and humourous. enjoy.)

the list so far: COPYRIGHT 2006 DesperadoZ.

DesperadoZ's top (dunno how many) questions: (bold represents personal favourties)

1) How old is Chang Kee?

2) What did the Ghost Whisper?

3) How secretive is Colonel's Recipe?

4) What did the Bread Talk about?

5) Who did G Shock?

6) What's the name of the baby G?

7) How Sweet are the Secrets?

8) How Quick is Silver?

9) What is the length of a Shorthand?

10) Where is 77th street?

11) Who did Billa bong?

12) How did Rip curl?

13) How did Just do it?

14) If a McChicken costs $2, how much does a Maclaurin cost?


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