Saturday, September 09, 2006


HEY PEEPS. okay promos coming up, thus the lagging in updates. but fear not cause every post is guaranteed fun. including this.

this post is abt a girl named Bianca Ryan. i read abt her in the news the other time, she's 11 and she won the talent show America's Got Talent. heard she's damn pro but didnt really check out abt her.. until this morning.

went to google and searched "Bianca Ryan" and out popped the youtube video showing her performance.

watch it for urself, and remember not to cry. it's hard not to. SICK.

bianca ryan's 1st performance in the show, during the auditions

bianca ryan's 2nd performance in the show, during the semi finals

bianca ryan's 3rd performance in the show, FINALS

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