Friday, August 04, 2006

desperadoz goes retro

okok desperadoz has decided to go retro. i shall be playing songs from ages ago just to relieve the memories of nice ones.

ANYWAYS. interhouse championships, part 2. yesterday was interhouse soccer. remember it was postponed because of rain last week.

SO. keefe went to play, in search of that elusive interhouse soccer goal that he has never scored before. first match against morrison-richardson. we drew! 1-1. i didnt score. lol. hashir scored for us from like midfield. the joker MR keeper let the ball bounce over him. how freaking noob. lol.

2nd and final match. against moor-tarbet! i didnt play in the first half, supposed to go in the 2nd half. after the first half it was 1-1 wtf. then i went in for the 2nd half. with a few minutes left cun zhi lobbed the ball out from defence towards a dashing me (read:sprinting). i controlled the ball and attempted a volley at goal with a keeper to beat................

it was a lousy contact. i hit the top part of the ball and it started ROLLING towards the goal instead of FLYING in. damn it. i was like shit la wasted..until i saw the keeper struggling to get to the ball which was heading for the bottom left corner.

and it evaded his outstretched hands to give me a GOAL. lol. match winner keefe once again hahahahahaha. 2-1 we won. jokes liddat also can.

anyways enjoy the song. and mug hard. haha.


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