Monday, July 17, 2006

whooohoo busy weekend

eh sry i was supposed to update on friday but i was very busy. so here's the post gogogogo.

SATURDAY. viva world cup! whooohooo. from 8am-4pm, for 8 hours, i earned CIP hours just like that -- sitting there playing winning eleven and fifa world cup 2006 on the ps2.

YES it was that easy. +manning the stall lah. and asking for donations. but it was mainly just sit there and play and have fun and earn CIP hours. whoohooo i like.

after that went to andreu's house for a gathering. played tennis. j1 vs j2 tennis! we had doubles and singles matchups. me and yi rui teamed up and WON dao zhe and justin. YEAH. kuan fu lost though and kumarga lost also for their singles matches so i think overall we lost nooooooo=(

dinner was great too and we all had a wonderful time. haha went up to andreu's house to play ps2. was there with yr, daniel and chongzhi. then michelle and dawn, j2s from touch rugby were in andreu's room and andreu forced me and yi rui to play cards with them.

we played some card game called SWAP! and had a very................... er. unforgettable experience. lol.

SUNDAY! class CIP. we sold flags for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. it was really damn cool. my first time selling flags and i'd always wanted to sell flags. after this experience i still wanna sell more! whooohoooo damn fun leh.

we were allowed to go anywhere so me, shenglin, benny, hashir, james, yi yuan and ningrui went bugis. shenglin, benny and i then proceeded to some guan yin temple in bugis cause shenglin said that was the best place to get donations. LOL.

the experience was really nice. i stood there, in the hot sun, just smiling and asking politely for donations. actually this kinda thing is either they want to or not. cannot keep asking, like some pple i've seen in mrt stations doing. some ask till like their begging for donations. wtf. if someone doesn't wanna donate, they DON'T. some look unsure if they wanna donate or not, then MUST ASK u will make up their mind for them haha.

i saw alot of sides of singaporeans yesterday. some were rude pple and some were really generous. the worst experience was when i asked some if they would like to donate and they just walk past as if u were talking to the wall. like WTF. seriously feel like whacking them up.

i mean if u don't wanna donate, the least u can do is smile and say 'no' or just simply smile and walk away. but some walk past as if they didn't see u at all. wtf lah really ass leh.

there were really generous pple though. i myself have never donated more than $1 to such pple selling flags, but some really generous one just slipped $2 or even $5 notes. the most unforgettable one was an encounter with a young mum with her son.

keefe : hi ma'am would u like to make a donation to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund?

mum: (talking to her son) u wanna donate?

son: okay sure! (takes out $5 note from pocket and moves forward to put the money into my donation bag)

keefe : thank you (i was actually thinking "u crazy guy wanna donate $5 ah siao")

mum: u are going to donate everything? if u spend all i won't give u anymore hor.. (exactly what i was thinking)

son: yar, never mind, just donate lor! (proceeds to slip the $5 note into my donation bag)

keefe: !?!?!?!

wah this kinda boy pro. i like. in the first place why would such a small boy have $5 in his pocket i dunno. probably some rich family. in that case his parents are really commendable they taught him the right values. good start. haha.

i think now i will donate abit more generously le. haha.

ANYWAYS. after our flag day we had loads of fun, playing daytona at the arcade and owning the computer in virtua striker 3 as i always do. hahahaha. for more info check out whoohoo gogogo got video somemore damn funny CHECK IT OUT.

okay byebye.


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