Monday, July 03, 2006

a stub in the back, smokers

whooohooo. the ban of smoking in public places has officially gone underway since July 1st at hawker centres, coffeeshops, cafes and fast-food outlets.

Anyone caught flouting the rule will be slapped with a S$200 fine for the first offence and there will be no buts about it. (jokes, nice try)

7,400 food outlets
in Singapore will be affected by the smoking ban, which takes effect on Saturday the 1st of July. Under new regulations, smokers are not allowed to light up in 3,500 eateries which have no outdoor refreshment areas.

As for the 3,900 outlets that have outdoor seating, 1,900 will be going smoke-free. For example, Newton Food Centre, a popular tourist spot and one of Singapore's favourite hawker centres will reopen on 1st July after renovations, the same day the new smoking ban comes into effect, and it will be a smoke-free zone.

yeah man ok i'll be patronizing Newton Food Centre more often now haha.

many smokers are complaining abt the inconvenience; in that case has 2 suggestions for you:

1) quit smoking
2) shove that cigarette butt up ur ass

well if u dear readers never knew, now u know; keefe hates smokers, and hate isn't even close to describing the feeling. my grandparents used to smoke, and whenever i saw them i urged them to quit while trying to describe the dire consequences that may arise if they didn't.

not like they can really understand the terms, so i just say if u continue to smoke u are gonna die. and i continued pushing the message across for quite a bit of time.

it actually works u know. persistence pays off and my grandparents really did quit smoking. haha probably also cause they really like me and if u're beloved grandson keeps shouting death threats at u everytime u see him, u'll probably quit as well haha.

the point is, keefe hates smokers, but he leaves them alone. if they relac one corner and waste their lives away, i don't give a shit abt them. but inconsiderate guys who blow smoke into pple's faces, that just pisses me off.

like when im walking down the street and there's a guy walking in front of me. then suddenly POOF magical white smoke rushes at my face but i didn't rub no lamp man (good try, keefe).

then wtf it stinks. i try to get it out of my nose by blowing out vigorously but some has already gotten it. i walk forward and tap the guy on the shoulder, he turns around and says "simi taiji?" (what's the problem?)

i point at his cigarette butt and say "this is the taiji" and proceeds to slap him across the face. then i take the cigarette butt and shoved it up his nostrils.

he lies on the floor, breathless, apologising profusely to me as i walk away, feeling cool and invincible.

nah just joking. the guy shouted "kan ni nah, chiong ah" and suddenly i found myself surrounded by big, muscular tattooed men who looked like they beat people up for a living.

moral of the story? don't mess with smokers. just cheer on the government as they increasingly make life difficult for them (raised cigarette taxes, increased smoking bans).


gogogo PAP i love what u're doing.


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