Sunday, June 18, 2006

new song!

okay im alright now. thanks for the concern:)

im alone at home! whooooooohooooooooooooo the rest of my family went batam. i said straight out no not going cause i had a match today. see choose softball over family. hahaha.

played against catalyst today. found out it's some even pro-er than combined schools team. made up of national team players. LOL. wtf. all the 20+ to 30+ pros. it wasn't pure luck that they beat combined schools.

i pitched quite okay actually. got the strikes in. but they hit well lah. cannot be helped one. haha. pros. then the umpire also not helping me. bloody hell so many nice inside curves and outside curves he never call strike. sianz.

then our fielding let us down lah. sianz also. alot of errors from infield, or the score would have been closer. we lost 13-4 i think. it could have easily been 5-4 if not for the errors.

i actually struck out 1 pro. LOL. i pitched an outside curve and he missed it. heh heh heh. fun.

anyways. now it's back to mugging time! ahhhhh haven't touched econs and maths yet. ggxx.

here's another Cao Ge song. come on this pro deserves some praise on my tagboard. gogogo shower his vocals with compliments pls. haha. this song is damn nice too. i mean i heard the starting music and immediately fell in love with it. wah lao how do u produce such nice songs man. reminds me of jay chou.

the lyrics are also very very meaningful. for the chorus. i really like the lyrics.

the vocals? no argument. pro lah. listen to the 2nd half of the song. especially the bridge. PRO ahhhhhhh.

ENJOY. and happy mugging pple:)


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