Monday, June 05, 2006


okok im here to update. alot of stuff going on.

FIRSTLY. I CUT MY HAIR. muahahahaha. on my way to cut, i saw eliza yiquan and mitchell. after i cut i saw them again. eliza said "did u cut your hair?" with a look filled with admiration and amazement. then she said "that looks damn shuai lah can".

ok the last line wasnt really what she said. it was "what happened to ur hair" but whatever. it's nice:)

im going JAPAN on wednesday! whoohooo 1 week long and it's gonna be shop play and stare at jap hot chicks. booohooo cause im going to fail my CTs at this current rate of studying. ggxx.

now let's talk abt what everyone's talking abt. 06/06/06!! whooooooohoooooo and it's TOMORROW. it's quite cool actually. with everyone saying it's gonna be doomsday and all that shit. interesting. then tmr the opening of THE OMEN somemore. whoohoo scarrryyyy. gonna watch it:)

public's main conception of 666:

It's The Number of the Beast. 666 encodes the letters of someone's name or title, identifying the Antichrist. whatever that means.

the new paper offered the following ideas today:

1) Another terrorist attack on US soil could be triggered by the so called "devil's number" tomorrow. It said the target could be a tower in Chicago, a city which has the zip code 60606.

2) 666 has special significance. it is the sum of the squares of the first 7 prime numbers, a palindromic number, and a 'prime reciprocal magic square'. whatever that is.

3) in roman numerals, 666 is DCLXVI, the only number to use one each of the numeric symbols in order of their respective values. (X= ten, V=five, I= one, etc.) COOL.

desperadoz's's suggestion:

666 is nothing more than your average horny bastard's favourite number. 666, or sex sex sex to be exact, simply reflects his basic mentality of fun.

cheers and happy holidays. i know i'll be having fun at Mount Fuji. HEH HEH HEH.


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