Sunday, May 14, 2006

happy mothers' day!

WHOOHOOO. happy mothers' day!!! i am a mummy's boy and proud of it.


anyways last night i watched one of the most exciting soccer matches i have ever watched in my life (think south korea vs italy, man utd vs bayern munich 1999 champs league final). it was the FA cup final liverpool vs westham and IT WAS DAMN EXCITING.

6 goals, wonderful goals. westham went 2-0 up early in the game and i was like o.O wtf is liverpool doing. then liverpool scored 1 through a wonderful goal by actor(on the field)/footballer djibril cisse.

when liverpool equalised everyone was feeling a liverpool win already. then suddenly against the run of play, west ham scored! ronaldinho-esque goal by paul konchesky, a cross turned goal.

i was falling asleep already after that. then suddenly in my drowsy stupor i saw the ball get headed out of the westham penalty box........ then it fell to steven gerrard who was way out, like prob 30m out..... he shot and WTF IT WENT IN.

i was like WTF HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. then my mum came out and scolded me cause she was already sleeping. so much for happy mothers' day. LOL.

but BACK to the point. 90th+ minute equalizer. stupid liverpool scored 3 goals in a cup final to save their skin AGAIN. i was turning into a liverpool fan......... but i STILL love chelsea=D

extra time, and another heart stopping moment towards the end of the 2nd half of extra time. what a fingertip save by jose reina to push the bound-for-goal ball towards the post. it somehow fell to marlon harewood who was metres away and with the goal screaming in front of him, the poor tired and injured chap volleyed it OVER. LOL.

penalties, and reina saved 3. pro.

i am officially a gerrard fan. maybe reina too. but CHELSEA STILL OWNS. chelsea chelsea chelsea=D.

happy mothers' day.


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