Friday, May 12, 2006

tribute to the rjc girls softball team

sry for the slow updates been really busy with school and somehow i feel it's only going to get tougher.

went to support the girls team in their match against VJC on wednesday.

it was damn cool. both VJC and the match.

ok lets talk abt VJC first. the canteen in particular, how ownage it is as compared to rjc's. the food there is cheaper, more variety, even the stalls were brighter and more colourful.

we all bought from the western stall. fish and chips for $2.50. there were three large potions of breaded fish, and a fairly good amount of fries and baked beans. shou yee thought the fish was damn freaking nice and it was. yummy yummy. cheap and good.

the desert stall was coool. the drinks they had in the fridge were more than what we were used to seeing in RJC's stall 2. they were selling ice kachang, ice jelly, and loads of other deserts that can be found in Food Junction at cutthroat prices.

i bought a bowl of ice kachang for 60c and it was as good as those u get in hawker centres. the ice jelly was at 60c too and the others said it was good as well.

ok now lets talk abt the softball match. it was an awesome game of softball, exciting, loud (courtesy of us) and filled with emotion.

the game started off brilliantly for us, we scored 3 runs in the first inning. then the VJC softball coach changed the pitcher immediately and things did not get that rosy after that.

it was fun cheering on and supporting the team. we bought whistles and blowed them non stop till we were half deaf.. banners were flashed and we cheered on like crazy lol the atmosphere was really good.

however, we eventually lost 9-5. it was ok at first until the last inning when we let in 6 runs. argh.

i felt really sad when it ended actually. it was a match where both teams had an equal chance of winning.

its no point saying we played well, cause if we did we would have won. but we shouldn't say that we played badly, because all throughout the match it was close and we always had a chance of winning.

we had made a 'CHAMPIONS' poster and brought it along but after the match yi rui said 'sigh too bad we cant use it'.

actually we could have. cause i think the girls deserve all the credit they can get for making it this far into the finals. even if they didnt win gold (and i know it sound really cliche) they are all still champions in our hearts.

don't look back on the past. learn from the experience and go for it next year.. all the best girls!


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