Sunday, May 07, 2006


sorry for not updating. been busy campaigning for my single seat ward in Choa Chu Kang.


PAP WON BIG. i am happy.

actually not very big, if u study the results closely. the opposition garnered more votes this year, PAP less. damn.

in case u didnt know, i am pro-PAP but and i really dont like it when pple support the opposition. i dun see how one would support a party which has limited resources.

im okay with such pple, but what im annoyed abt is pple who support the opposition and criticise the PAP just to seem 'cool' and 'different' and this seems to happen more commonly in youths. who arent old enough to vote, anyway. haha.

PM Lee says it's a good result and a strong mandate for the PAP but if u look deep into it, it really isnt that much of a convincing win. sth like Arsenal winning 1-0 against Villareal at Highbury in the first leg and not feeling very good abt it.

the ever affable SM Goh was tasked to win back Hougang and Potong Pasir but failed in the end, with both Opposition MPs getting more votes than last year. damn it. Mr Goh lose face already.

i really cant understand how the residents of hougang and potong pasir can NOT vote for the PAP, considering the promises that were laid out. $100 million in upgrading? and u people would rather forgo it? what are u all thinking?

election fever aside, lets talk abt DANCE NIGHT! avarante or however it's spelt. whoohooo.

dance night was great. the opening act wasnt really good cause the dancing wasnt very well choreographed and it was kinda messy. then came the breakdancing and the salsa dancing, both which impressed throughout the night. chinese dancers were top draw, as usual. i think we all agreed that chinese dancers were more organised and in sync. well done. the finale was good also. narpal singh with his ever-slick moves? whoohooo.

desperadoz's ratings!

opening: we're in this together
dancing: 2.5/5
nosebleed factor : 4 /5.

comments : though not very well choreographed and kinda messy, the dancers were dressed in jap schoolgirl-like outfits and beamed widely at the audience as they hopped around. HOT.

2nd dance item: ling yu
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor 2/5

comments : excellent dance item. ambience was great and the dancers graceful movements complimented the setting. not much to nosebleed about tho, outfits were designed to suit the dance, not for ur perverse fantasies.
p.s. i realise this dance was choreographed by xin ying! gogogogogo! well done.

3rd dance item: 1, 2 step
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor: 4.5/5

comments: NOW WE'RE TALKING. high energy dance that got all of our attention. sarah smith is really some pro dancer lah. wtf. the colours worn by the dancers were excellently chosen. visually stunning and technically captivating. Ciara's 1,2 step playing in the background was appropriately chosen and was instrumental in getting the energy levels up. one of the best items last night.

5th dance item: Ardor -- Latin Ballroom
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor: 4.5/5

comments: wonderful display of latin dance. slick, sexy moves. ooo la la!

8th dance item: Grandmother's Tales
dancing: 4/5
nosebleed factor: 0/5

comments: interesting dance, using the shoes to create an effect. the image projected on the screen was said to be too scary. haha. looks like something from a horror movie. if u got a nosebleed watching this though, u are one sick perverted bastard.

last dance item: Get it on the Floor
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor: 5/5

comments: what a way to end of the night! hip hop style battle between 2 teams featured breakdancing that was up there with the very best in singapore. narpal singh's patented moonwalk? amazing. shit lah im running out of superlatives. one word: AWESOME!

well done and good work all you dancers. enjoyable evening it was. pics soon!


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