Friday, April 21, 2006

failure 2.4

shit lah feeling quite pissed with myself.

had 2.4 today, was damn hyped up since yesterday. last night reading econs test halfway then suddenly thought of 2.4 and my aims to get sub 9 mins. in the end felt so hyped up that i couldn't study anymore lol.

so the big day today! morning went to specially buy a banana from the fruit stall. damn funny i picked the super long Del Monte banana and devoured the longest banana i have ever seen in 3 gulps.

then after assembly it was the run. i saw yao zhen and i was like 'eh yao zhen u aiming for sub 9?' and he was like 'yeah ok lets run together'. then i was like ok i'll pace you.

then i reported to my teacher and we got our number tags for the run. then LOL i coincidentally got my favourite number -- 69! hahahahahaha damn hilarious.

then the run started! he chiong-ed off as usual. i kept pace with him.. well sorta. he was still like a few metres in front of me and i was like 'ok just keep pace with him'.

then as we approached the finishing line for the first round the guy read out the timing. "1.10". then i was like WTF im sure 1.10 so fast. then kuan fu at the side was like 'lol keefe sure die already'.

that was damn encouraging. wtf.

i was planning a 1.20 first round. last year run with kuan fu we did 1.15 first round still not so bad. then this year run with yao zhen 1.10?! wtf. that's like a 400m heat qualifying time lah. lol.

anyways after 2nd round i STILL kept up the pace, coming in with 2.25, well ahead of my 2.40 target. damn cb crazy lah. 3rd round lagged behind a little. then end of 3rd round i felt like SHITTING. WTF.

it's a damn sick feeling. it's like ur whole lower body got some queasy feeling. wtf. damn sick. like want to pee and want to shit. ok it sounds disgusting but the feeling is sorta like that.

it was distracting of course, i mean half the time u are thinking of finding a toilet instead of continuing the run. shit lah.

no pun intended.

then in the end finished with 9.26. wtf lor. seriously. damn disappointed. last year i run 9.18 this year i deprove. wtf.

wtf. wtf wtf. no sub 9. damn pissed off.

then hongshen, whom i had been consulting for running tips earlier in the morning, smsed me and ask me for my timing. i told him and related my shitty experience (again, no pun intended).

he replied with, "Wtf...feel like not used to eating banana la. it's a laxative"

DOH YES IT IS I FORGOT. LOL. no wonder. smart keefe:)


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