Friday, April 21, 2006

effectively, alright? part two.

here is my long overdue post.

due to the easier-than-expected econs test today, i have not been online the past few days cause i have been studying like any other hardworking student.

in the meantime, i've also been late in my song update. supposed to put westlife's Face to Face album songs this week. ok so i'll kick it off with what everyone's familiar with. you raise me up!

so anyways, here are my stats from our dear maths lecturer's 2nd lecture.

she started off the lecture talking abt the graphic calculator designing competition, from 10.12am - 10.16am, using up 28 alrights. that's abt 6 per minute. not bad.

then from 10.16am to 10.20am she talked abt resetting of the GC and backing up of data and in the processed used up a beautiful number of 50 alrights. that's 10 per minute, 1 every 6 seconds.

total? she eclipsed her previous record of 261 with a new record of 311. since she lectured from 10.20 to 10.55, she used effectively 35 minutes, alright? so that's effectively 2100 seconds. alright. since she used 311 in 2100 seconds, and that effectively means 1 alright every 6.7 seconds.

alright, what an effectively effective alright lecturer we have here :)

p.s. im not bothering counting anymore. waste pencil lead drawing so many strokes.


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