Wednesday, April 26, 2006


i dunno whats up with me today.

i am being very angry. and it's like i cant control myself when i get angry.

after sch i went to wei ren's house to own him in winning eleven. so it's definitely not the winning eleven.

as i was on my way home on the train i felt very angry. dunno why. i changed train at Jurong East Interchange and it was almost 6 so the train was moderately crowded.

3 sec sch kids were beside me and they were being very noisy. 2 of them were taunting the other 1. they were calling him names and he was calling them names back.

it was very lame. and they were making alot of movements. the 1 guy getting suanned was trying to hit the other 2 guys and the other 2 guys were dodging. thus they were moving around alot and i really didnt like it. i was ready to whack one of them up if they moved and hit me.

a shorter than average woman came into the train and stood in between me and the 3 lameass boys. she could barely reach the handle bars above her but she managed to. she obviously looked very uncomfortable and was looking to grab on to the long metal pole but there was a woman who was leaning on the long metal pole reading a magazine, being very inconsiderate.

did i mention i can't stand people who lean on metal poles on the MRT? it's meant for pple to grasp. not for you to lean ur whole fat ass body on it and deprive others of a more convenient means of support. one pole is able to accomodate at least 3 hands but just because u're some lazy hunchback without a backbone u have to block it. leaning on it reading a magazine somemore. wtf.

i felt like whacking the woman up. very very angry. the train started to move and the shorter than average woman dropped some folders she was carrying. since she was barely able to reach the handle bar she obviously couldn't adequately support herself when the train moved.

i put a hand behind her back to steady her, then quickly bent down to help her pick up her stuff and she thanked me graciously. i felt even angrier and i stared at the woman leaning on the metal pole, thinking of shoving her away. wtf i think i am crazy.

i paid careful attention to the short woman for the remaining 2 stops till choa chu kang, cause the 3 boys looked like they were having a real load of fun and 2 of them were occupying more and more space and inching closer and closer to the woman.

bloody hell, i would really grab one of them if they even touched the woman, i was thinking. i was still thinking of whacking someone up.

nothing of incident cropped up though, and i exited the train at choa chu kang, but not before staring at the 3 boys.

then just now i snapped again. i was flipping the newspapers to find the 2 SDP politicians' official apology letter in the Straits Times (it's in the Home section, for those who are interested). then my sis wanted to take a look so i left the paper to her and turned to the comp, which i had just switched on.

i barely opened my hotmail inbox when my dad shouted from behind me 'read newspapers already leave them lying like that on the table? u wanna make me slap you?!'

i was like wtf. i turned around and stared at him. then i shouted back that it was my sis who was the last person reading it and she shld have kept it properly. then i got angrier. i shouted and asked him if he didn't see my sis reading it just now.

he didnt reply and i got even angrier. i dunno why but i just snapped. it's the indescribable feeling when u cross the border between pissed off and seriously uncontrollably angry. and i seem to be experiencing that more often.

i slammed my fist on the glass computer table damn loudly and walked towards him and the table where the newspaper was lying open. i crushed the newspaper with one hand while still shouting at him, asking him whether he saw me as the last one reading the papers.

i created such a ruckus my mum came out of the room. my dad asked me to just 'f*** off'. i responded by slapping myself on the face damn hard and asking him whether it was what he wanted to do.

i continued slapping myself and challenging him if it was what he wanted. then he mouthed some f word again and i stood right in front of his face and told him that 'i dun like people scolding vulgarities'.

then it became a loud arguing contest. blah. i'm not talking to my dad anytime soon.

i dunno why i am so angry. probably too little sleep these few days.


Blogger Shy N' InnoCent Me said...

wtf? though dis aint gonna help much..chill man..take a cold bath n think things over..=)

9:41 PM  
Blogger Enghow said...

LOLS? I AM SURE UR DAD SAY "FUCK" hahahahahahahahaha

1:14 AM  

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