Thursday, May 25, 2006

Farewell, Friend

It's been damn sad day for me in sch today.

it started when i received daniel's sms last night. joan chan had just passed away.

even though we are 2 complete strangers, with her being much older than me, i felt a strong tinge of sadness and regret upon receiving the sms. i thought of the many news articles i read about her and her struggle against cancer.

it's really sad how such a young, promising life could turn into a total unfortunate story in just a few years. joan chan, softball captain, able student and a great friend to many of her peers. and just because this damned thing called cancer her whole life turns upside down.

i read about how she took the A levels despite her ongoing battle against cancer and i was really filled with deep admiration. if someone can do that while leading a tough battle against such an illness i believe all of us should not be afraid of anything that lies ahead.

her passing on should serve as a source of inspiration, a source of hope for us and also a reminder that we should never give up and strive till the end in whatever we want to do.

rest in peace, joan, my heart goes out to you and your family.


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