Saturday, May 20, 2006

ccal camp looks really cool

whooohooo had ccal camp briefing today.

the whole briefing was really quite cool. literally too. wtf LT1 was freezing.

the teachers were hilarious. all of them. i conclude PE teachers are the best teachers in RJC. okay they don't really teach much stuff that is academic related but at least they are friendlier and crankier that most teachers.

we were all divided into 25 groups, regardless of house. damn i had hoped we got grouped by house then PCB WILL BE REUNITED IN BINTAN. but alas. we are not really that close in terms of groupings but mark my words somehow we WILL find a way to get together and we WILL have fun. awesome gleeful pcb fun in bintan. heh heh heh. woooooooooot.

lewis and jonathan chng are in my group. same guys whom i had fun together in the US trip just last december, so it's cool. then got 2 other guys and 5 other girls so it makes it 5 guys and 5 girls. that's cool too, i guess. there's hyper than hyper genevieve in our group so it's going to be fun. there's odac vicechair yishan also. o.O

*stares at kelly* muahahahaha! inside joke. okay not a joke. inside story.

anyway. there's nicole christine yuen. damn i seem like i know all of them already. RIGHT. lol. i just know who i voted for counsellers. hurr hurr.

then there's a bballer from scgs. i think her name's esther or sth. and another girl. quite quiet one. thus i dunno her name. lol.

the camp looks really FUN. the activities are damn exiciting. got some 3h trail in the forests of Bintan, where we are given a Global Positioning System and we are supposed to walk our way to the checkpoints. now how cool is that. first time i got my hands on a GPS. it's damn high tech. looks like a Sony PSP. lol. fun. then got kayaking, climbing, rafting. whooohoo.

this is so fun. got PCB somemore. hohoho. Bintan, here We come.


Blogger KELLY! said...

>.< and i know why you're especially looking forward to bintan camp.

11:37 PM  

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