Thursday, May 18, 2006

champs once again

okay look at the time! o.O yes its thursday morning and im here at home blogging.

i've got a really bad fever so i didnt go sch.

anyways yesterday was the softball finals! rjc vs vjc. i was already feeling quite sick in sch but i decided finals are once a year so might as well go down to support =D

we won! it wasnt a tough fight to be honest. vjc celebrated like they won the world cup when they scored 1 run. lol.

after the match though i got even more weak wtf. my limbs started to weaken and i kept getting hot and cold chills. on the way home even worse started to feel very cold and sick.

somehow i still managed to wake up just now to watch barcelona vs arsenal. MUAHAHAHAH. when arsenal scored i was like wtf nooooo cause i bet with both wei ren and yi rui that barcelona win. heh heh.

then eto'o and belletti scored. ggxx barcelona are the 2006 champions league winners! WHOOHOO.


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