Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ccal camp!

okay after 1 night of good rest i'm here to talk abt ccal camp.

it was really fun. i'm missing it and the people already.

first night we had a camp out. had to hike to a part of the forest and spend the night there, cooking our own dinner as well. we had macaroni and campbell soup, along with some sausages. quite nice.

the sleeping part wasnt that nice. haha. tent was too small for all 5 of us. and way too hot inside. roy the track and field capt wanted to sleep outside so i slept with him. as in slept beside him. wtf dirty thoughts.

we laid out a groundsheet on the grass and slept. after a while a mosquito was buzzing damn loudly beside my ear. stupid male mosquito trying to attract a female one. then heard sounds of a grasshopper. i switched on my torch and saw a damn big grasshopper beside my right foot. i picked it up and threw it away.

i decided outside was too buggy so i went into the tent. then got musical ensemble. first lewis and jonathan chng snoring. as in really got rhythm lol. then could hear karaoke songs from the resort nearby. bloody hell. in the end still could fall asleep haha.

2nd day was cool. rafting and wakatobi trail. rafting it was raining so we had wet weather programme. wakatobi was fun. navigated our way through the forest using a gps system. the last part of the trail was most fun i guess. had to climb really steep part of the hill using ropes.
heh heh i love climbing.

at night we had the amazing race, and i guess it was the most fun part of the camp. i led my group throughout the resort to the many different checkpoints with the help of a map. i love reading maps and finding my way around places also. haha.

i think we were the best group in the whole race. we reached 7 checkpoints leh! damn. in the end pason's group only finished 4 checkpoints but they cracked the code. blah.

3rd day was most exciting. high ropes element and kayaking. high ropes was damn fun. did i mention i love climbing? i love climbing. the best part was when i did the trapeze thing. had to stand on this really high pole and jump and grab a trapeze which was hanging a distance in front of me.

eh actually quite scary leh. my first thought when i climbed to the top of the pole was that wtf the pole's really small to stand on. then i stood on it and looked down and ALMOST lost my balance. damn scary leh quite high. the trapeze looked like it was quite far away. i was like 'shit cannot reach lah'.

but wth i just jumped and tried. managed to grab hold of it anyway. then i realised the trapeze wasnt THAT far away as it had seemed. but it was fun nevertheless. whoohoo.

kayaking was also good. on the way there to the island we were supposed to kayak to i shared a kayak with nicole. we damn pro lah very very fast. haha. but it was damn tiring. must have been nicole SLACKING. hahahaha. tsk tsk.

on the way back i decided to go solo, together with daniel yip since he was soloing. WAH even more tiring. i dunno how i lasted all the way back. i was dying from coming to the island and i had to go back solo. the sun was shining in my eyes somemore. i really dunno how but i did it. lmao. freaking tired after that.

at night it was grand dinner. grand cause it was food was barbeque buffet from the resort. buffet my ass cause they took damn long to replenish stuff. and there was shortage of plates and utensils. the last batch of sausages were cold and hard. and chao ta. but it overall was still fine i guess. considering the quality of food throughout the camp. hahahaha.

then campfire. lmao. me yejie and benny were having a bit of pcb fun at the back. shouted some crap. hahaha. it was actually quite bad. the whole campfire programme.

last day. hung out by the beach and stuff. didnt do anything much. UNTIL we were at the habour. hohoho. then jason loon approached me and asked me to join in their grand plan. so i did. keefe tan, daniel yip and jason loon, the 3 CAMERA CRASHERS.

we went around scouting for people who were taking photos. and we blended in to the environment to be in their photos! LOL. it all started cause christine yau and hashir crashed daniel and jason's group photo. as in they were SMILING along by the side. lol. so they decided to do the same and since we are good neighbour groups i was part of the plan haha.

we crashed quite a few photos haha. loon dived and managed to get into one of shin bin's many photos haha. then i managed to figure in deborah's photo LOL she was taking with jon muk and i was right behind smiling. whoohoo.

we continued our grand plan in the ferry and it was damn fun. shin bin's some CAM WHORE lah. keep taking photos one. easy target. hahahaha. actually we're the REAL cam whores lol. just that we like to figure in others' photos too HAHA.

back at school was the best. me loon and yip were discussing on the bus how to add on to our wonderful antics and we decided to get different people to form the words 'CCAL'. daniel would be the taking the photo and counting down loudly. just as he's about to take all 3 of us would put down our hands and look serious, leaving the poor victim looking super silly in the photo. HAHA.

we took 4 different photos so we could have 1 victim for each letter and the end result would look pretty cool.

FIRST VICTIM. who else but shin bin. damn funny hahahahhaha. she didn't even realise when the photo was taken that we had put down our hands, only when we told her. hahahha. then then christine yau, justina and eunice completed the wonderful story.

lol here it is. and MORE PICS NEXT TIME. takes quite a while to upload all u know.



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