Saturday, June 17, 2006


ok today is damn screwed up. at least the events that just unfolded.

this morning was the start of our NUS open, it was quite cool. first match against combined schools. i pitched, even though i quitted pitching and havent trained for damn freaking long. it was quite good actually we lost 6-5 only and everyone was damn happy.

it's considered quite a feat cause our team were all j1s and some sec 4s. the whole j2 batch (the championship winning zai team) were in combined schools. and wtf. not all j1s we with us, kuanghao our star pitcher and farhan our star first base both got poached by combined schools too.

so the odds were really stacked against us. it was like literally a under-depleted RJC J1 (and below) team vs national youth team. damn.

straight after that was Ngee Ann poly. decided to rest me and put in a sec 3 pitcher instead. yes the only pitchers we have for the tournament are a sec 3 one and a very rusty J1.

we won easily i guess. 12-3 or sth liddat.

last match for the day was against acs alumni, i pitched. 4 strikeouts, not bad for almost 1 year layoff from pitching i guess. my curveball worked well. happy. won the game 10-4.

tmr got last group game. we must win to be able to have any chance of qualifying for the next round, good luck.

after the match was what was really screwed up and what really did me in. it was 8+ already and we were changing up in the toilet. i was calling home on my hp cause i got alot of missed calls from home.

when i changed i decided to leave my hp beside my plastic bag of clothes. after i changed it was gone. i didnt notice it until i was about to leave, when i did my routine check for all my belongings.

i quickly asked daniel to call my hp. it was off. and i was like wtf shit die already.

i sprinted back down to the toilet and found some guy inside. i asked him if he saw a hp and he suspiciously answered 'no no'. his face was damn suspicious but i couldn't do anything what. bloody hell.

i went up told kuanfu and he was like 'of course he will say no right! go search him'. and he told me he saw 2 other pple loitering outside the toilet just now.

then i was like im sure i go search him he sure whack me up. i saw him walking off towards a bus stop beside NUS. so i got farish, daniel and james to follow me to the bus stop to ask them.

we saw 3 of them at the bus stop so james asked them if they saw a hp and they said no. the guy i questioned in the toilet was acting freaking suspicious. even suggested "i saw a guy go into the toilet after me.. he went in that direction" and pointed to the direction opposite us.

IM SURE LOR. seriously. he was the last guy at the toilet cause after i questioned him i observed his actions from afar. bloody hell.

but i really dunno wad to do. as in i didnt dare to go up and ask to search them. im seriously a non violent and non confrontational guy. wtf lah in the end the 4 of us no choice but to walk off.

cb. so the 3 of them walked to wait for 95 while i decided to go back to the toilet to do 1 last check. nothing. i walked back out and saw the bus come and leave.

wtf. seemed like nothing was going right at all. i spent almost 20minutes at the bus stop waiting for the next bus and it really felt like forever. just stared into space and did nothing but think abt my hp. ended up feeling 95% fcuked up.

came back home finally. told my mum i lost my hp. that's when everything started.

got screwed like crazy. non stop ranting. had to recount my painful story of how i lost my hp, and just simply no understanding from my mum at all.

scold scold scold. spam 'idiot' at me like dunno how many times. until i got damn freaking pissed off i screamed at her to stop scolding me.

she walked right up to me, scolding, and tried to hit me. i blocked. fight lor. brokedown in the end anyway. mental breakdown lah. seriously had enough of everything.

then still had to endure dinner. sit there alone quietly. cant even eat lah. got damn suicidal. then thought of all my friends and started breaking down again. wtf i dun usually cry.

thought of alot of things i could have done. called daniel and yi rui but couldn't talk more than a 'hello'.

then it wore off me after a while and i got abit more sensible.

i was forced to wash my own super dirty softball clothes anyway.

now im here blogging.

daniel says not to think too much abt it. good night pple, good luck for my match tmr i'll be pitching for a must win match. shit lah it will be damn pressurizing and i hope i'll be able to cause i really want us to get through.


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