Sunday, June 11, 2006


whoooohoooo. i managed to play xbox at changi airport after all and owned some China guy. 5-0 and 8-0. LOL.

ok so now time for the japan trip, if anyone still cares about poor keefe=(

i brought my WORDS book to in case i felt bored and wanted to jot down anything, and im glad i did. i used it to keep logs everyday since the start of the trip. so here it is!

interruption, bloody hell this jap keyboard driving me nuts. apostrophe (') is shift 7. wtf. and all the other punctuation marks jumbled up one.

4.48pm, on the coach

-just visited Chinatown in some town in Japan.
-jet lag not as bad as when in Europe/US
-maybe because japan's time is just singapore time + 1hr
-messy handwriting =/
-going back to Tokyo for dinner + hotel
-not really enjoying trip, with all the tests on my mind
-going Universal Studios tomorrow!
-just heard we have to take a flight to Osaka after dinner o.O

8.48am, bus bay, Hotel Kansai Airport, Osaka
-listening to: U Remind Me by Usher

-contrary to what the name of the hotel would mean in hokkien with an extra letter, it's actually quite a nice place (kanasai = like shit)

5.18pm, on the bus, after Universal Studios

-read a falungong-based article (some china women were giving out) on "China's State Terrorism against Falungong members"
-talked abt the tortures the members received after being detained by the police, with gruesome pictures to show
-mum and sis says Falungong are an evil cult, thus banned worldwide
-remember to read up on Falungong at
-point to note: since Falungong ARE so widely persecuted, any normal member would be smart enough to cut all ties with it a.s.a.p rite? why still strive on to continue with all the stuff?
-so is it more than just a 'peaceful organization'?
-cult members?

1.39pm on the bus, heading back to Tokyo
-listening to: Crawling Back to You by Backstreet Boys

-went temple/long stretch of shopping in the morning
-1 guy (older aged man) in our group had gone missing
-caused a bit of panic, found later
-turned out he took a wrong turn (no pun intended)
-just learnt abt Japan's TV programmes' format
-there are actually no serials before 9pm
-all educational variety shows instead (hard gay? lol)

3.47pm, on the way back to Tokyo
-listening to: Don't Lie by Black Eyed Peas

-CB, that old f-ed up face woman sitting beside me on the bus is snoring louder than a pig

10.28am on the bus, on the way to lunch, then Mount Fuji
-listening to: We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

-learnt that every +100m = -0.6 degrees celcius in temperature
-now temp 17 degrees, we are going to reach abt 2000m
-so temperature = 17 degrees - (0.6x20) = 5 degrees. whooohooo!
-watched england 1-0 paraguay last night, noob performance by England after the early goal
-even noober performance from the cb referee
-thought of the idea yesterday of using the titles of all the 'listening to' and making it into a whole sentence at the end of the trip
-that sounds quite interesting o.O

2.20pm, back on the bus, halfway up to Mt Fuji
-listening to: Work It by Justin Timberlake & Nelly

-stopped to take a look at some sulphur filled place
-damn smelly, sulphur dioxide freaking smells like rotten eggs
-wtf will my health be adversely affected?!?!?!

-going up to Mt Fuji now!

5.10pm, on bus.
-listening to: Hips Don't Lie by Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean

-back from mt fuji, didn't visit the snow peaks cause it was raining =(
-just ate Pocky Pine Cream flavoured, damn freaking nice. Japan > Singapore in Pocky.
-brought a really good surprise present for softballers! HEH HEH HEH.
-think they are gonna LOVE IT.

6.19pm, back on bus after visiting some shopping paradise
-listening to Yeah! by Usher, Lil'John, Ludacris

-bought loads of stuff for softballers + other pple
-disneyland tmr!

ok so thats all so far. now for stuff not written in the book.

-jap school girls are disappointing. stupid high socks rival that of what softballers wear.

-kuang hao u are a sick pervert. first thing u say when i came online was 'how are the girls? and send me pics of the girls NOW!!!'

-jap women LOVE to wear makeup. wtf. number one type of makeup is eyeliner. seriously it's quite amazing when u walk down the streets and see every woman with eyeliner on. even SCHOOLGIRLS.

some facts told to us by the tourguide:
-jap women are not fat, it is VERY RARE to see a fat jap woman. maybe cause of the food?

-it is VERY RARE to see pregnant jap women on the streets. no idead why considering their booming porn industry. maybe thats the exact reason o.O

okay thats all for now:)


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