Wednesday, June 07, 2006


eh im at the airport now so it's customary that i use the internet here to blog + use msn.

heh heh it's been like half a month since i was here and i really miss the last time when me, yi rui, chong zhi, seliyan and all the other peeps were here at 3+ am watching Man Utd lose to Villareal in the champs league. before our flight to the US which is another thing i miss cause it was really damn fun. damn.

seems like changi airport has caught the world cup fever. there are soccer ball shaped seats and loads of flat screen TVs showing world cup stuff. the best thing is there are 2 xbox360 consoles with Fifa2007. wtf. but the angmohs are hogging it. damn i wanna go there thrash them. hurrhurr.

sia lah changi airport really damn fun. i think one can literally live here. everything is here lor.

i'll be back next tuesday night. if i can i will use the comps in Japan! heh.

bye ah lians and hello jap hot chicks with socks longer than the grand canyon! whoohooo.


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