Tuesday, June 13, 2006


hello im back again. morning now and i have till abt noon at the hotel, which incidentally has free internet! o.O

not to mention a flat screen Aquos LCD TV, which i used to watch japan lose to australia 3-1 last night. aww. lucky i dun look angmoh or i would have been bashed up by the hotel room staff this morning.

flying back tonight and i cant wait. will reach singapore at 11.35pm, so reach home 1am plus? then watch France vs Switzerland followed by Brazil vs Croatia at 3am? lol. then next day go for class outing at sentosa, meet 10.30am at harbourfront mrt? happening life sia wahahaha.

went to disneyland yesterday and come on, how can u compare it with Orlando's disneyland? no way. lol Orlando's one had 3 theme parks leh. plus the rides were much more exciting. the disneyland here only had 2 thrilling rides. and not even thrilling, i think genting's corkscrew and solero space shot more exciting than them, anytime.

damn that made me miss the days even more, when the whole gang of us: lewis, yi rui, me, yao zhen, kenneth hor roamed disneyland and universal studios last december.

crap man, travelling with friends is definitely more fun than travelling with family=(
i miss going there already. i think end of year lets organise a trip back to Orlando! whooohoo. make it some softball trip. or just get the same gang from last year. fun.

on the other hand, there were loads of japanese hot chicks at disneyland. hot chicks don't mean the Katsu Don, stupid (which is actually quite delicious)

finally. although all had eyeliner (as i had clearly observed was the japanese's favourite kind of makeup) and some put so much face powder they looked like Sadako out of The Ring, and some put so much blusher that their cheeks were redder than Pikachu, they were generally alright.

i still don't get their fetish with long socks though. damn.

overall it was okay, i tried Soda Popcorn and Chocolate Popcorn. freaking nice, i tell you, must try when u're there. the scent was enough to make us buy although it cost 260yen, which works out to like $4.

talking abt buying stuff, i saw a Hard Gay keychain. it was quite cute and i thought of buying it but it cost close to SGD$10+. decided not to, then someone told me it was selling for $30+ in singapore. WTF NEVER TELL ME EARLIER. shit. i have a few hours more to see if i can get my hands on any. hehhehheh. $$$$$$$$$.

okay thats all lah. oh yar before i left for japan i aksed the softballers during training what i should buy in japan and shou yee said "jap porn is the best".

well it would be paradise for u here, shoustopper, cause the streets are lined with loads of magazine shops. and they don't sell National Geographic.

wtf the whole shop has loads of hentai magazines and FHM-esque ones. loads of them. i say they are like FHM cause they have scantily clad chio bu on the cover of each magazine but who knows what lies inside. Good Boy Keefe Tan obviously did not open the magazines to take a peek.

talking abt porn they have porn on their tv in all hotel rooms. Innocent Boy Keefe Tan didn't understand why they liked to make wierd noises and why they wouldn't wanna wear clothes in such cold weather. so i switched to BBC World News instead.

good day, folks.


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hey keefeeee. fiona here. =)

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