Monday, June 19, 2006



okay last night was one of the best on this holidays. haha. called the softballers to stay over since everyone in my family went batam. heh heh.

james, yi rui, mark and chong zhi. they came at 9 plus and i met them at cck mrt then we went for dinner at the foodcourt. came back and watched world cup on my 45 inch plasma HDTV. right. while some played dota and cs. hahahahaha. fun fun.

played till like 3am then went to sleep. they all slept outside on the sofa while i slept in my parents' room! heh heh heh biigggggggggg bed.

last night i was on msn and my nick was abt the current pro Cao Ge song on my blog. then suddenly Ben Koh gave me a link on YouTube and told me "THIS is pro". i watched and it was Cao Ge singing live on some variety show and ITS DAMN FREAKING GOOD. nothing beats watching him sing live.

he sings with alot of emotion, the stars in the audience were stunned and touched. i myself was also quite touched leh. very very good. i spent the whole night watching his live videos on YouTube. i didnt know got so many! here are a select few of the best. WATCH AND ENJOY PLS.

this is the one that ben koh asked me to watch. INHUMAN RANGE. (check out jacky wu being extra at the start of the song damn funny)

he sang Zhang Hui Mei's ting hai. it's a female diva's song and he HIT THE NOTES. wtf. sick range again. watch the interview with him after that hilarious stuff.

a singing showdown between Zayin, Zhang Dong Liang, Tank and Cao Ge. damn funny. Zhang Dong Liang's falsetto is damn noob and he got jacked damn badly. Tank and Cao Ge, freaking pro. inhuman. again.

the first part of the video is just him singing Superwoman. this video is the judges giving their opinions. then Cao Ge sings again, this time without music and showcasing his vocals. inhuman. heart throb Guo Pin Chao even hugs Cao Ge after he sings lol damn funny.

cao ge sings Now and Forever by Richard Marx. cooooooooooooool.

cao ge appears on Happy Sunday singing Superwoman. this show has 4 damn freaking strict judges comment on ur voice. this is a show where singers or people who really wanna release albums go.. he got really good comments form the judges too! whoohoo.


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